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ADC SNR Vs Sample rate
Hi, In one of my experiment, I need to measure SNR of an ADC which has fixed sample rate of 2.4MHz & 14 bit. My input sinusoidal frequency is also fixed (decided by previous stages) and it is 600KHz. I understand that I'm just taking 4 sample in a cycle (ie. My sample rate is just 4 times my signal rate). Wil... 22 Nov 2009 01:45
hi to all, I am using eZdsp TMS320LF2407(Spectrum incorporated) for project of power system harmonic suppression. I have created a sine wave generation program and created .out file from ccs.Can anybody please tell the procedure to download that .out file to the kit. Regards suresh ... 19 Nov 2009 07:13
Generate Stereo using Matlab.
Hi all, Can anyone explain how to generate the stereo and decode it in channel L and R in Matlab. Need some explanation or example please!!! Would appreciate it... Thankz ... 30 Nov 2009 15:49
I seek a program that will take two sound files (A and B) of approximately equal duration and produce a third sound that is a blend of A and B throughout its duration. i.e. I want to be able to produce the middle sound shown below. AA AA AA AA AA ab ab ab ab ab <- BB BB BB BB BB I'm not looking for what a lo... 20 Nov 2009 13:25
Using correctly the quarter sine-wave symmetry in a basic DDS
Hi, In a very basic DDS, the first method used to reduce the ROM size is to only store one quarter of the sine-wave. Although this sounds very obvious, I cannot figure out how to do it without storing 1/4th + 1 location in the ROM. For example, say we start with a 10-bit address for the full table (1024 locations).... 18 Nov 2009 23:34
Discretization of nonlinear differential equation
Hi. I'm working on modeling a system which have resulted in a system of first order nonlinear differential equations s'(t) = f(t, s(t), u(t)) with state vector s(t) and control input u(t) and s(t), u(t) \in R^3 The measurements are simply given by y(t) = s(t). The continuous time model is embedded in a digit... 20 Nov 2009 23:28
design a bandpass FIR filter help
I'm trying to figure out how to design a bandpass FIR filter with the smallest length using window-based approach and meeting the following specs in matlab: wp1=0.45*pi wp2=0.65*pi ws1=0.3*pi ws2=0.8*pi op=0.01 os1=0.008 os2=0.05 without using the 'fir1' function. How is this possible?!? ... 17 Nov 2009 11:42
LTE Cell Search Algorithms
Hi, I was wondering if anybody could point me towards some decent cell search algorithms for LTE (timing and frequency synchronization). Any type of information would be welcome (links to articles, blogs, books etc). The frequency band included in the cell search would be large (for example 20MHz). Obviously, a... 22 Nov 2009 20:31
Call for Papers: IAENG International Conference on Computer Science (ICCS 2010)
CFP: IAENG International Conference on Computer Science (ICCS 2010) From: IAENG - International Association of Engineers Draft Manuscript submission deadline: 8 December, 2009 Camera-Ready papers & Pre-registration deadline: 10 January, 2010 ICCS 2010: 17-19 March, 2010 17 Nov 2009 03:56
existance of solution of a (mathematical) problem
Hello Forum, a question about existence of solution. Given a problem, we decide for the best differential equation that would model the situation, apply initial conditions and boundary conditions. What would cause the problem to not have a solution? For sure, there is an actual physical solution occurring fo... 17 Nov 2009 14:00
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