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Complex Input
Hi. i read a lot of article focusing on real input. In physical world, does the input in complex form? If exist, where it comes from and what is the application? Or actually it is just theory only? Thanks ... 16 Nov 2009 22:28
Equivalent time sampling
Hi guys! Does anyone know any algorithm used in digital storage oscilloscope? I know that many DSOs use equivalent time sampling technique but what about the digital hardware (or algorithms) to filter and reconstruct the signal?? If anyone knows some papers (IEEE or other) let me know! Thanks a lot! ... 6 Nov 2009 13:39
Check this out: Near-perfect video compression. ... 5 Nov 2009 09:58
Jitter generation compare to dithering
Hi, I have a doubt on jitter generation. Wonder is the method to generate jitter signal is that same as dithering generation method? Understand that both are usign random signal generation with different distribution. For example, triangular, rectangular etc. ... 9 Nov 2009 18:51
STUPIDENT::Re: Floting Point Saturation
Compare exponents Compare mantissas What's a problem? VLV thunder wrote: Hi all I have a compute engine which generates an 8-bit floating number, fp_num[7:0]. The format of this 8-bit floating point number is 3-bit signed exponent and 5-bit mantissa (1-bit mantissa sign and 4-bit mantis... 6 Nov 2009 04:50
Undefined symbol first reference in the file
Hi All, I got the same errors. Can anyone help? Thanks. Hi all, I am using ccs with dsk5510 kit. I tried creating a new *.cdb file. I am getting the following errors while linking. undefined first referenced symbol in file --------- ... 4 Nov 2009 07:29
Boot Flash for TS201
Hello, I've been using the AT49BV040B flash as the boot device for TS201 dsp on my board. I just learned that the AT49BV040B will be obsolete soon and I was wondering what other are using. The best thing about the AT49BV040B device was the driver code was provided by ADI in the Visual DSP+++ example directory. If I... 4 Nov 2009 16:23
Low Pass FIR [Kaiser]
Hi, I am looking to implement the following filter in either C, C#.Net or Visual Basic.Net. Type: - Low Pass FIR Sampling Frequency: - 480Hz (10Bit ADC Values from a microprocessor) Number of TAPs: - 51 Cut-off frequency: - 30Hz Window: - Kaiser Basically this is a filter t... 5 Nov 2009 06:35
Seeking a simple audio energy detection algorithm
Hi, I receive a stream of linear 16 bit audio and need to identify the possibly "interesting" parts vs. plain silence or noise. Just computing the average energy and comparing to a threshold is not sifficient since there may be a background noise. Is there a lightweight adaptive energy detection algorithm? ... 3 Nov 2009 07:04
calculate mfcc for speaker recognition
hi all,i m doing my final year project of B.E. computer engineering on speaker recognition.can anyone help me for calculating MFCC (Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients) using c#?plz help me.Thanx in advance. ... 31 Oct 2009 07:49
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