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Illegal operation TRAP on F2812
Hello, I am running CCS v3.3 on F2812. I set up a break point at asm(" ESTOP0"); in interrupt void ILLEGAL_ISR(void). Is there a trace facility on CCS I can trace down the code caused ILLEGAL_ISR? If not, I've opened CPU register on CCS, the PC pointed to the ILLEGAL_ISR address, which CPU register on F2... 14 Mar 2007 09:04
Dear all, Using Matlab I was trying to find unknown vector 'omega' using Minimum Mean Square Error method given by omega_cap=C_omegaY*(C_YY)^(-1)*Y in the above equation the only known vector is Y. where C_omegaY = cross correlation between omega and Y and C_YY = auto correlation of Y when my tas... 11 Mar 2007 12:51
Echo for dsp 6713
hi i want to add echo effect in my program but i dont found the solutuion : void main() { DSK6713_AIC23_CodecHandle hCodec; Uint16 data, data2; DSK6713_init(); hCodec = DSK6713_AIC23_openCodec(0, &config); DSK6713_AIC23_setFreq(hCodec, DSK6713_AIC23_FREQ_48KHZ); ... 3 Mar 2007 16:34
Code Composer Studio not simulating interrupts
Hi, I'm working on a project using CCS set up with F2812 Device Simulator. The project is in C and contains several interrupts (cpu timer0, eva timer1, xint13). None of them is simulated during debug. This applies also to the examples from TI (SPRC097 ). During debug IER are registers set corrctly, cpu time... 1 Mar 2007 06:35
Coding Gain Definition
I have a doubt. Gain code is defined as the reduction, usually expresed in decibels, in the required Eb/No to achieve a especified error probability of the coded system over an uncoded system with the same modulation and channel characteristics. But, what about Bit rate? The definition considers the same Bit Rate ... 26 Feb 2007 13:24
How can the chirp-z transform be used in resampling?
Hi! I hope I'm not disturbing. ... "Andor" <an2or(a)> wrote in message news:ce45f9ed.0403131537.34ec7122(a) Matt Timmermans wrote: Although what you write is of course correct, this method doesn't strike me as very optimal in any sense. You have to take care of b... 28 Feb 2007 07:09
Converting CDB to TCF (cdb2tcf)
Hi, When using the conversion tool from Texas Instruments cdb2tcf (for BIOS configuration) I get errors and are not able to open and modify prior configurations. Anyone had the same problem with this tool? Is there a correct way to use it? Thanks in advance, Simon ... 31 Jan 2007 13:24
OMAP Boot ROM, Reset Vector, Bootloader, Memory Map details
Hi, I need information similar to below for OMAP 5912 and OMAP 5910. Kindly let me know if there is any pdf / link for the info w.r.t Boot ROM, Bootloader & Reset Vector. All 'C5x DSPs carry a 16-bit on-chip maskable programmable ROM (see Table 1-1 for sizes). The 'C50 and 'C57S DSPs have boot loader code res... 11 Jan 2007 08:50
Polarization Covariance Matrix
Hi, I'm learning the basics of polarized antennas since I need it in my wireless channel modeling (MIMO) research. I would appreciate it if someone could help me understand a few concepts. 1. What do each of the elements in the polarization covariance matrix represent? 2. What is the relation between XPD and ... 2 Feb 2007 14:07
ADC's noise on DSP 2812
Hi everybody !!! Can someone help me to solve the following problem ? I need to use an external signal in my program in order to make a good enslavment of a signal. So what, i want to get a very accurate value of my external signal. I use the ADC module of the DSP 2812 but when I look a the value returned there's... 19 Dec 2006 08:20
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