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Window Presum FFT
Hi everyone, I would really appreciate if someone answers to my question. I was trying to learn about presum windowing, and I found this article I am trying to understand the idea. I did a quick matlab simulation on this subject, and it is behaving as it's bee... 2 Feb 2010 14:40
Skip diving/dumpster diving
Is it worth keeping hold of a Transtech ASP-P15 board I picked up earlier today? As far as I know it works and it has 12 21060 processors. It looks like Transtech have gone bust so manuals and drivers etc. are gonna be difficult to get hold of. Googling is being very fruitful. I've always used TI devices so I... 27 Jan 2010 18:17
Does anyone do a s/w 3rd octave equalizer that will work on a stereo (non dolby etc) SPDIF output (from a mobo or soundcard)? -- Dirk - Transcendence UK - A UK political party - Occult Talk Show ... 26 Jan 2010 21:12
DSP problem
Dear Guys. I have a causal system with the function: y [n] = x[n] + 0.5 x[n-1]+ 0.9 y[n-1] for n>0; Could you please tell me how to find the expression of the frequency response of the input X [(e^jw)] if: y[n]=S[n]+ S[n-1]; S; delta function, Thnks, ... 26 Jan 2010 12:02
SNR calculation using FFT
Hi all, Currently, I use FFT to calculate the input single tone signal SNR and have a question about it posting below: SNR = 10*log10(|disired single bin magnitude|^2/sum(|all bins magnitude other than desired|^2)) 1. if I set N1 as the fft number at 1st time, so the number of elements in sum() @ denominator i... 27 Jan 2010 09:12
Please help a newbie: Matlab freqz.m -- Plotting a functions frequency response
hi. Iam new to the signal processing toolbox. Trying to do something pretty simple, but having spent all day hunting around on the web and mathworks cant find the answer. I have a function, which acts to filter a timeseries. I would like to plot its magnitude response using freqz. The function is of the form: ... 26 Jan 2010 10:54
zero lag Butterworth filter
Im trying to implement a zero-lag butterworth Filtert as described in tha paper at My understanding is that the output of the filter needs to be reversed and passed back through... 27 Jan 2010 14:52
CompIMAGE 2010: Call for Short Communications
Dear Colleague, In the framework of the International Symposium CompIMAGE'10 “Computational Modeling of Objects Presented in Images: Fundamentals, Methods, and Applications,” May 5-7, 2010, Buffalo-Niagara, NY, USA (, prospective authors are invited to submit short communications to be pub... 25 Jan 2010 11:37
Calculating MFCC
HI everybody... I'm brand new to this community and also new to DSP, and this is my first time asking questions in any community so forgive me for my long questions, I have some questions I appreciate if you could help me. I calculated MFCC but I think it is incorrect i'll explain the way i did it so if you can... 24 Jan 2010 12:25
Prelim DSP design estimate
I'm doing very early planning of a product that will use DSP-based phase locked loop technology. Is there a source for rough planning / tradeoff info that is not math heavy? For example given an input frequency range, I need to estimate achievable noise bandwidth, lock time, etc. Thank you. ... 2 Feb 2010 14:41
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