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In Excel how do I find unformatted shapes that are invisible?
I am sent an Excel spreadsheet each week that I copy and paste and add to a main worksheet. The size of the file is getting huge. I discovered the reason for the size is the many unformatted shapes in this file. I would like to delete them. The problem is because they are unformatted, they are invisible. I ... 14 Apr 2010 09:55
Password Protecting a workbook
There are two ways to put a password on an Excel workbook - one is through Prepare Encrypt and the other through the Tools menu in the Save As dialog box. Why would I choose Prepare Encrypt rather than just put on a password through the Save As command? What extra protection do I get, if any? If someone gets my... 14 Apr 2010 11:04
Pivot Field List
I was wondering if there is an easy way to locate a specific field in the pivot field list in Excel 2007 without having to scroll the list of fields and find the one you are looking for if you have many? I know in 2003 you were able to start typeing the word or numeric and it would find the first match as you ... 15 Apr 2010 13:39
Splitting Equals
Using the following array formula I am identifying the top five largest points scores with specific criteria =LARGE(IF(Scores!$F$8:Scores!$F$131="Boy",IF(Scores!$D$8:Scores!$D$131=2,Scores!$Q$8:Scores!$Q$131)),3) In the next column I have a VLOOKUP to fiind the participants names. Where I have two participant... 14 Apr 2010 11:04
Excel. How do I remove 1,000 mailed addresses from list of 2,265?
I have a mailing list of 2,265 names. Someone has randomly seleceted 1,000 names from the list and mailed them. I need to mail the other 1,265. I have two Excel workbooks with 2,265 names in one and 1,000 in the other. I need to be able to subtract the data in the smaller workbook from the larger one. Any ... 14 Apr 2010 11:04
How to change default font color in Excel 2007?
How to change default font color in Excel 2007? ... 14 Apr 2010 06:36
How do you apply a print area to an entire workbook
I want to apply a print range to multiple worksheets in the same workbook. The data area in all the worksheets is the same & I'd like to know if there is an easier way of applying rather than having to go into each worksheet. ... 14 Apr 2010 07:41
Is it possible...
To convert a text value to a number using a defined rule in Excel, say a macro or some other formula? Take for example, say the value "Instructor" mapping to 09141920182103201518 with each letter corresponding to its position in the alphabet represented by a two digit number. However, the longer the word, the l... 14 Apr 2010 13:20
multiple sumproducts and now formula is too long
<% if (oRs("putupto")=("notenterd")) + (oRs("sentto")=("notenterd")) + (oRs("finallydisposed")=("No")) + (oRs("duedaate")<("strEuroDte1")) Then response.write(" Action Not Taken " ) %> <% if (oRs("putupto")=("notenterd")) + (oRs("sentto")=("notenterd")) + (oRs("finallydisposed")=("No")) + (oRs("duedaate")=("strEuroDt... 14 Apr 2010 05:31
name tags
I am trying to create name tags with pictures using label # 5384 I do not understand the MS instructions, nor do I see where I can insert pictures. [maybae that is the same as clipart?] I have two Excel files - one with pictures, and one with matching names. Any help for this 'computer challenged' newbie wo... 14 Apr 2010 08:47
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