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if function
in A1,A2 and A3 i have the salesperson name, in B1,B2 and B3 i have the sales person employee number. in A7 i have to input the sales person number and i would like their name to atuomatically show up on B7, i was thinking that if a used the If function i could achieve this please help asap thanks ... 19 Jan 2010 19:13
Vacation Tracker
I need some help. I am trying to build a simple vacation tracker for the office. I have built a small calender with each cell as one day in the year. For each employee I am entering a "V" for when they take a vacation. I have used the "count" funtion, which works great if the employee schedules a full day o... 19 Jan 2010 20:21
fill colors
can i customize the colors on my proposal spreadsheets to match my company logo. can this be done? all i see in the drop-down is the basic color set? ... 19 Jan 2010 18:06
Cell copying itself when I don't want it to
Hi, I am using excel 2003. When I put in a formula, for example, in A1, if there is a formula in A2 it changes the formula from A2 to match the formula in A1. What can I do to make it stop this? Thanks. ... 19 Jan 2010 18:06
Transpose a table
How do I transpose a table whose values are created by referencing on to a different spreadsheet and not by typing. example- A1 in sheet 2 refers to C3 in sheet1 A2 in sheet 2 referes to D4 in sheet 1 Now how do I transpose A1, A2 to B1 , B2. I used the transpose command but the tranposed ta... 19 Jan 2010 13:33
Convert Date to MMYY format
I would like to change the underlying date format from e.g. 01-May-09 to May-09. I can change the format so that the displayed date is in correct format but the underlying date is still in DD/MM/YYYY format. The purpose is to do pivot charts to show how many defects per month over the last five years. -- Dou... 19 Jan 2010 13:33
how to delete name:1 xxxx:2
All of a sudden when I open a worksheet, I have two copies opening up at the same time. How do I get rid of this ... 19 Jan 2010 14:41
How do I delete rows based on a category?
I want to delete multiple rows based on a category from one of the columns. I can categorize them and hide the unwanted rows, but I don't know how to delete them. PLEASE HELP!!! ... 19 Jan 2010 10:10
Comparing worksheets
I get updates weekly from one of my customers that list all the parts we make and when they are due for delivery. I would like to be able to download the file and compare it to the previous week to see if there are any changes in quantity ordered or date due. Is there a way I can do so and have the changes highlig... 19 Jan 2010 12:25
create a rack diagram in Excel
I would like to create a rack diagram in excel. Is it possible and does anyone have any templates? ... 19 Jan 2010 10:10
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