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Unhide multiple worksheets in workbook
Hi...I have Excel 2003. Is there a way to unhide multiple worksheets in a workbook vs. unhiding one at a time? ... 27 Jan 2010 14:55
Row labels displayed as column labels
In Excel 2007, how can a pivot table with fields in Row Labels appear as Column Labels with associated data also in columns? Please let me know if this is possible, as I have seen a pivot table with this type of display. Thank you for your assistance. -- I Teach ... 27 Jan 2010 12:38
Hyperlink to URL needs login even though I'm already logged in
I have an excelsheet with hyperlinks to our webbased CRM-system and every time I click a link I need to log on to the website. It doesn't matter if I'm alreday logged in and it doesn't matter if I open the page in a new window or the already active one. When i click link in Outlook or Lotus Notes it works as i... 27 Jan 2010 10:23
Embedded File Not Opening Correctly
I have embedded PDF files in an excel spreadsheet that were created with valid, non-Adobe software. When other users without this software try to open the embedded file, they get an error message that their computer "cannot open the source application". They have no problem opening the PDF if I send it to the... 27 Jan 2010 09:15
Date + X days excluding holidays
Hi, I need Date + X days= ? excluding the holidays I write in a range. Workday function would exacltly solve my need if it did not exclude the weekends. If this is not possible, I may also try an indirect way if you can help me count the number of saturdays between two dates. Thanks and regards, C... 27 Jan 2010 10:23
I have set filters on a spreadsheet, usually when I would select a certain label within the filter list the counter would automatically display at the bottom of the screen. This does not happen on the spreadsheet that I am currently working on and I can't see that I am doing anything different to usual? Tha... 27 Jan 2010 12:38
collate rows from several files into one new master file
Hi, Can anyone please help. I have several different, single sheet spreadsheets and I need a way to collate these into one single Master spreadsheet, one row per sheet under the next and i need this to be automated either via macro or VBA. For Example: The empty Master spreadsheet has headings only. Lets say ... 27 Jan 2010 09:15
How to get slope
How can I get the slope from the following data: I need to get the slope from ColumnC, from date 1/6/2010 to 1/8/2010. using as "y axis" the dates and "x axis" the values in ColumnC any Possible solution.? ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC 1/5/2010 234 487 1/6/2010 456 898 1/... 27 Jan 2010 07:03
Hiding Formulas when the value is "0"?
Dears; I have the same problem with lenghty formulas as AVERAGEIF($C$5:$C$155,"mar",P6:P156) and it gives me#DIV/0! error until the cell value is zero. I would appreciate if you kindly assist. best regards Jamal "Dallas MBA" wrote: Does anyone know if Excel allows you to hide a formula when the re... 27 Jan 2010 05:57
Counting strings of consecutive numbers in a column
Hi I want to be able to count strings of consecutive numbers in the one column. eg: Seagrass Seagrass Seagrass Seagrass NA NA NA Seagrass Seagrass Seagrass NA ... So i want to count the number of times Seagrass occurs in the one string, then count how many times it occurs int he next string. eg in... 27 Jan 2010 02:42
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