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I meant do a System Restore to a point in time PRIOR in time to saving those
test files below, obviously.

Bill in Co. wrote:
> Daave wrote:
>> Trying to untangle this web...
>> Ken Blake, MVP wrote:
>>> On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:54:55 -0700, "Bill in Co."
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>>>> HeyBub wrote:
>>>>> Bill in Co. wrote:
>>>>>> Yes, I know you said that, but I asked specifically about what
>>>>>> would be the consequences of running System Restore in more
>>>>>> detail, Peter (see below).
>>>>> Because Restore doesn't add or delete ordinary files. Restore
>>>>> snapshots the
>>>>> Registry and backs up dynamic system files, unsigned drivers,
>>>>> automatic updates, and the like. It does not touch what it thinks
>>>>> are "application" programs, nor does it fool with "data."
>>>> I was under the impression System Restore monitored ALL exe, dll,
>>>> com, and the like, files.
>> Okay, this is the beginning of the misunderstanding. :-)
>> System Restore does not monitor *all* of those files because *most* of
>> these files are normally in non-monitored folders. The example I gave in
>> another post was an .exe file (e.g., and installation file for a program
>> you wish to install) saved to the desktop. That file *would* be
>> monitored. And if you ran System Restore, choosing a point before you
>> downloaded this .exe file, it would indeed be deleted (because the
>> Desktop is monitored). However, if you had instead downloaded this .exe
>> file to "My Documents," it would be safe (since that location is *not*
>> monitored).
>> So "Bill in Co." is incorrect. (Or he is not totally correct.) The
>> reason: System Restore does not monitor *all* those files mentioned
>> (including .exe files). They only get monitored if they are in folders
>> that get monitored. :-)
> And that's precisely the point, or one of the main points I was trying to
> say.
> To restate:
> MOST folders on your HD *are*, in fact, monitored - the rare exception is
> in
> the My Documents arena. Anything you save in a normal folder that you
> create or use EXCEPT in the Documents and Settings area like in My
> Documents, WILL be monitored for any changes to those monitored file
> types.
>>> No, it doesn't do this at all. It's *System* Restore. What it monitors
>>> is *system* files only. Application files like exes, dlls, etc. are
>>> not monitored.
>> And Ken is also incorrect (at least partially). Those files *are*
>> mointored, but then again, provided they are located in folders that get
>> monitored.
> Which are, in fact, MOST folders on your HD, except as noted above.
> In case anybody is a Doubting Thomas, I'd suggest you try it out with some
> test files (exe type) saved in ANY folder on your HD except the one noted
> above (under Documents and Settings as noted above). Try it. Create a
> folder C:\Temp and put some in there, do a System Restore [to an earlier
> time] and see what's left when you come back after Restore. (N.B.: .doc
> and .txt files and similar are untouched, of course)

From: incredable 1 incredable on
I encountered the exact same problem 2 days ago. Just as you stated your
problem. I scanned my computer with every antispyware, antivirus, antimalware
program I have, (and I have many) to clear it up, to no avail. Then I used
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and it uncovered at least 15 trojans. I had them
deleted and presto.. my computer is back to normal, all browsers working as
they did before. Try it.. hope it helps.

"pg" wrote:

> Last night I used my computer everything was ok, and today, all
> browsers except Google Chrome suddenly can't be used anymore !
> My computer has a 4-core CPU, with 4GB of RAM, running XP Pro, and I
> upgraded it to SP3.
> I have IE, FF, Opera and Google Chrome in my system. Normally I use
> IE, but from time to time I do use other browsers as backup.
> However, everything changed this morning.
> Suddenly, every single browser, except Google Chrome, can no longer be
> used.
> I clicked on IE, nothing came up.
> Clicked FF, still nothing.
> Click on Opera, same, nothing.
> Check under Task Manager, they are there, eating up a lot of CPU
> cycles (80% of 3 of the 4-cores)
> Then I click on Google Chrome, it works !!!
> I even re-downloaded new copies of IE, FF and Opera and re-installed
> them.
> Still no use.
> I downloaded Dr. TCP and also TCP Optimizer to check if anything is
> wrong with the TCP setting, no problem so far.
> I mean, if Google Chrome can run, TCP must have been working, right?
> But still the other 3 browsers aren't !
> Can anyone tell me how to diagnose what is wrong?
> Please help !!
> Thank you !!
> .