From: Volker Neurath on
Steen Schmidt wrote:

> I know that much free software exist. The problem with this is the
> same as with all other open source software; It's difficult to use,
> badly documented and poorly integrated.

Sorry, but that is _not_ a speciality of Open Source or Free software.

Im ?brigen bin ich der Meinung, das TCPA verhindert werden muss
From: greenchile505 on
> Are there any TI emulators for PDAs?

On this page you will find information regarding hp calc emulation AND
ti emulation for Palm OS.

(Anyone know what Mr Hildinger is up to these days??)

Power48 is awesome, but cannot replace owning a real hp calculator. A
dedicated calculator, if affordable, is a pleasure to use. However, if
I could not afford both I would probably buy the PDA and put Power48 on
it (and 100 other downloaded math programs).

I currently have EasyCalc, Lyme, MathPad, MathUPro, Power48, meditor,
and PowerOne Graph on my Palm T|X ($300US). It goes everywhere I go.
However, I use my hp 50g whenever it is in reach..