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Take your own advice about trolls, Ray.

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> *all* autofocus lenses from any lens manufacturer will focus and meter
> with the d50, which means that *every* lens that store carried would
> work. there is *no* issue whatsoever, and it is *exactly* the same
> situation as with canon.
> as for cheap telephoto lenses, the 55-200vr is a good choice, or the
> non-vr version for slightly cheaper but the vr lens is a much better
> lens and the difference in price isn't all that much. the 70-300mm vr
> is another option for a little longer reach, but it's more money. none
> are really ideal for bird photography, however.

Hello again.

Ah yes - the first telephoto zoom was manual focus. Focussing the lens
wasn't a problem but metering was. Not all the metering modes worked with
the lens.

Friend has now acquired a new Nikon telephoto zoom so everything works as
I agree that a 3oomm lens isn't ideal for bird photography. Personally, I'd
love a fast 400mm but the cost, size and weight are beyond me. I'll try
another way - remote controlled camera and a carefully set-up perch for the

Best wishes, Rog.

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>> *much* easier to say 'everything off.'

Ah back to photography, is that what you say to the airline hostesses when
taking a shot of them.

> Then there's the little matter of their not having spectrum analyzers on
> the
> plane with them or the time to run each device through one, which is the
> only way that they can make such a determination.

It does seem to be an OTT safety precotion like they did at petrol pumps.
I bet they wouldn;t allow you to use a microwave oven either, but I bet they

>> they also don't want passengers being distracted. in the event of an
>> emergency, you want people to hear crew instructions, not be listening
>> to music on an ipod using noise canceling headphones that squelch
>> anything the crew might be saying.
> You've never used noise cancelling headphones, have you?

This isn;t about reality it's about rules and who takes the blame
and who gets sued.

>> lastly, unsecured devices can become projectiles in the event
>> something goes wrong. a laptop flying through the cabin can *hurt*.
>> they also need to be stowed so people can quickly exit if necessary.

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> "You want to use the restroom? Very well, we have a nominal fee of three
> dollars US per visit and will only accept Master Card, Visa or American
> Express. No cash or checks. Thank you."

I wonder if they'd accept paypal....

or their own system called peepal ;-)

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>>>> I don't know if all airlines have adopted these practices, but I wouldn't
>>>> be
>>>> surprised.
>>> you aren't supposed to use electronics during takeoff or landing, but
>>> during cruise it's fine. some airlines prohibit photography of airline
>>> staff but allow pics out the window or of people you're traveling with.
>>> what i find amusing is that since there is now inflight wifi internet
>>> for a fee, wireless transmitters are suddenly safe.
>> Isn't that the way it generally works? In the early days of commercial air
>> travel, bringing food on board was probably taboo -- at least until they
>> found a way to charge for it, or to work it into the price of the ticket...
>> Take Care,
>> Dudley
> "You want to use the restroom? Very well, we have a nominal fee of three
> dollars US per visit and will only accept Master Card, Visa or American
> Express. No cash or checks. Thank you."

Aircraft interiors will really start to smell like the alley behind a
cheap bar. Another reason not to use RyanAir.