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error 0x80040107
I just installed a 3rd Exchange 2003 server into our Organization and immediately began to get Public Folder replication errors. Event ID: 3079 Unexpected replication thread error 0x80040107 on database "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store(local Exchange server name)" Event ID: 3089 Error 0x80040107 oc... 12 Dec 2005 12:00
Im gettin gthis error running exmerge against exchange 2003. I've reviewed all the permission settings eg. send as / receive as. That is outlined in several trouble shooting documents. any thing else I can look at? Error opening message store (EMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store servi... 8 Dec 2005 09:14
Calendaring agent failed in message save notification with error 0x80040219 on username: /Calendar/email.eml. I believe this is a problem with my MAC clients (Entourage). The synchronization does not seem to be immediate when making, adding, deleting calendar events with the MAC users. Is there a solution, pa... 30 Nov 2005 12:06
Error synchronizing folder
I'm having a syncronization problem. Every few seconds, in my Sync Issues folder, i get this: 7:46:27 Error synchronizing folder 7:46:27 [80040119-501-80040119-560] 7:46:27 The client operation failed. 7:46:27 Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store 7:46:27 For more information on this failure, click... 23 Nov 2005 08:12
Message Tracking Center not functioning
The Message Tracking Center has been working fine for many months, however today I tried to use it and received the error message: "The tracking database on SERVER_NAME is not available or the message has left the Exchange organization. Facility: Microsoft Exchange Management ID no: c1032751 Microsoft Excha... 11 Oct 2005 18:05
Exchange 2003 - cannot purge mailbox
Hey all, I'm trying to remove an oprhaned mailbox from an Exchange 2003 back end server. Every time I right-click and purge I get this error: "The operation cannot be performed because this mailbox was already reconnected to an existing user. ID no: c1034ad6 Exchange System Manager" Not sure how this orp... 7 Oct 2005 23:50
501 5.5.4 Invalid Address -urgent
Hello, I am getting 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address error from yesterday afternoon. Emails sent and received via outlook or owa dont have any problem. I can send and receive both internal and external mails. This problem occurs when i use telnet. It was working in the morning. I am not sure why it suddenly stopeed ... 26 Sep 2005 09:23
NDR 5.5.0 smtp:550 problem
I'm struggling to understand how to fix a problem with SBS 2003 Exchange using ISA server. We are company AA and, together with three other businesses (ie companies BB, CC and DD), we have just purchased company XX. Each company uses different ISPs. At company AA, we need to be able to send email outbound ... 22 Sep 2005 11:14
Can anybody tell me what this is? I cannot find any info on it. -- jimbo345 ... 21 Sep 2005 13:36
Exchange 5.5 Problems
Here is one I saw a long time ago and can't find the resolution in my notes. NDR message reads: "5.1.0 - Unknown address error 553-'5.1.8 <user(a)domain>... Domain of sender address user(a)domain does not exist'" This happens intermittently when a user attempts to send mail outside of our organization. In this cas... 7 Sep 2005 13:26
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