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MSExchangeFBPublish 8197 and other errors.
Hi, I have a mixed-mode Exchange 2003 environment (one Exchange 5.5 server, multiple 2K3 SP2). I've setup a new server with Windows 2003 SP1 and Exchange 2003 SP2 - its in a site with one DC (acting as Global Catalog) . I'm getting the following errors. Event Type: Error Event Source: MSExchangeFBPublish ... 24 Jan 2007 02:28
EXOLEDB Event 103
I have an exchange server 2003 SP2 and I keep on getting OLEDB event ID 103. Unable to initialize the event binding for file://backofficestorge/domain/mbx/user/calendar/wirelesonsave. bindingid={EBD485b6-F9E2-4143-92CB-FC7FE22F7E0B}, HRESULT = 0x80070002. The use Account was deleted as he no longer with the ... 27 Dec 2006 10:01
Exchange 2003 MSExchangeSA ErrorID: 9098
I am getting the following error every five of 6 minutes. The MAD Monitoring thread was unable to read the state of the services, error '0x80041013'. The MAD Monitoring thread was unable to read the state of cluster resources, error '0x80041013'. The MAD Monitoring thread was unable to read its configurati... 20 Dec 2006 10:06
Event 3033 after adding our first SmartPhone
Hi everyone. We just added our first SmartPhone and got it working. We are now seeing several 3033 events in the Exchange Server's application log. I found this article which explains what is going on According to this I need to adjust our firewall's HTTPS timeout value. ... 28 Dec 2006 08:52
Information Store service failed to start
Hi, Both our Front-end Exchange servers Information Store and Systems Attendance services failed to start. Please advise on the solution, as I am new to 2003 server. Thanks! ... 16 Dec 2006 00:38
Can't delete Admin Group
I've just removed the last server from an Ex2k3 Administrative Group. There's nothing listed inside of it (i.e., no connectors, members, etc..), yet when i try to delete it i get this error message: "You may not delete this administrative group because it still has items in it." ID no: c1034af8 Exchange Syst... 7 Dec 2006 16:39
We had an SMTP service crash yesterday and I have been checking the server for any logfiles around the time of the crash. I have come across some files entitled RAMDUMP0.log , RAMDUMP1.log etc. These are in the Program Files\Exchsrvr/MTADATA folder. They are all 257k in size but when opened in notepad there ... 5 Dec 2006 04:21
Windows Time Causing Exchange Crash
I am running Exchange server 2003 sp2 on windows 2003 sp1 with two domain controllers running 2003 as well. The problem is exchange will periodically quick working, I get a windows system event saying it cannot do an LDAP bind with either of the DCs when I restart windows time service on the DCs email starts goin... 30 Nov 2006 14:45
Event ID 100 Every few seconds
I am getting the following on my Exchange 2003SP1 Box for the las couple of weeks. Not sure if it's related to Exchange or Windows 2003: Event Type: Error Event Source: StatisticsManagerClient Event Category: None Event ID: 100 Date: 11/21/2006 Time: 9:53:37 AM User: N/A Computer: CHIEX001 Description: ... 5 Dec 2006 10:28
Changed Locale now Exchange wont start
whilst trying to fix another probelm, i have changed the Locale on my exchange server (Exhange 2000, running on SBS 2000 with Win 2K Server). After that it vanished! It's no longer listed under SERVERS in the Exchange System Manager. If i double click the SERVER in system manager, i get a RED STOP MESSAGE of... 11 Nov 2006 16:44
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