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AntigenInternet.exe errors
Since 4 july i have the same entries in my application log. The server is a w2k3 front end for exchange 2003, with antigen 9. Faulting application AntigenInternet.exe, version 9.0.1055.0, faulting module AntigenInternet.exe, version 9.0.1055.0, fault address 0x0002eef3. "mart the bike rider" wrote: G... 17 Jul 2007 15:46
Exchange Task Error
Good Afternoon everyone, When trying to access the Exchange tasks from a user this message appears, does anybody knows anything about this: A referral was returned from the server. Facility: LDAP Provider. ID No:8007202b Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension. Any help would be really useful, m... 10 Jul 2007 12:52
Exchange2K7 recovery storage group failure
I restored my exchange database to a RSG and when I try to merge info from my RSG mailbox to my production mailbox it completes some folders, then fails with the following: Error occurred in the step: Moving messages. Failed to copy messages to the destination mailbox store with error: MAPI or an unspeci... 9 Jul 2007 14:26
Message Tracking
Exchange 2003 server SP2. The Message Tracking is not working, it shows error, "The tracking database is not available or the message has left the Exchange organization. ID no: c1032751" The tracking is enabled via the server policy. ... 6 Jul 2007 00:22
event id: 8263
Do i need to be concerned of this warning message i got on my application log? i have exchange 2003 sp1 running it on windows 2003 R2. Event Type: Warning Event Source: EXCDO Event Category: General Event ID: 8263 Date: 7/03/2007 Time: 3:20:01 pm User: N/A Computer: Server01 Description: The recurring... 5 Jul 2007 16:37
E2K7 CAS "MAPIBlockOutlookVersions" issue
Hi, for MRM-enabled mailboxes, I want to enforce Outlook 2007 usage by set-casmailbox. some questions around this: a) how to retrieve the current client MAPI version that is actively connected to a mailbox without having to gather anything at the client side? With ESM-MSX2K3 there has been a column "client ... 28 Jun 2007 19:44
Problem with public folders rules (EX2007)
hi all, I've recently migrated all my exchange public folders from exchange 2003 to 2007. For some PF, we use a simple rule to forward all the mails to some recipients. At the moment that a message is posted, the rule gets disabled and an event is logged: Event Type: Error Event Source: MSExchangeIS Publ... 24 Jun 2007 19:24
Offline GAL not updating
I added a new user via Active Directory a couple of weeks ago, but his name still doesn't appear in the Global Address List. He appears under "All Users". He appears if I stop using Cached Exchange Mode, but disappears again when I switch back to Cached Exchange Mode. I've tried Tools - Send/Receive - Downloa... 27 Jun 2007 12:24
mail can not forwarded to local exchange mail box
hi to all can anybody solve the problem am facing. i have exchange 2003 configured. outlook clients are confugured to connect excnage server to send receive mails locally. some clients have additional emails accounts (internet mail accouts ) will download mails directly from ISP to outlook. the mails which the ... 19 Jun 2007 06:19
Exch 07 - Event ID - 4001
We are getting - Event ID 4001 - every 60 seconds. ....all was fine yesterday.. Anyone have a clue as to what might cause this ? .....and more so a fix ? -- Henry Craven {SBS-MVP} -------------- A transient failure has occurred. The problem may resolve itself in a while. The service will retry in 56 secon... 18 Jun 2007 15:54
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