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strange error in event log
we have a FE/BE exchange, 2003sp2, on a win2003 sp2 standard server. I've noticed this in the event log, can anybody explain what this means and if there is a resolution, how to perform it. Event Type: Information Event Source: MSExchangeTransport Event Category: Routing Engine/Service Event ID: 994 Date... 8 Jul 2008 17:13
TEMP Storage
hai, we are using exchange 2007 and also POPCON for receving messages . getting an error messages that Warning: Mail transfer to Exchange failed, reason: Exchange aborted receiving the message after 34991 bytes. This is probably due to a message size limit in the virtual SMTP server.. i set the the size of bo... 8 Jul 2008 06:56
Exchange Server 2007, Message size and EdgeTransport.exe problem
Again me and again I am an old problem It looks like last time (the past 2 times) is not rated seriously whole situation, And so, from my previous posts (, EdgeTransport.exe took 98% CPU time, Sent 5/15/2008) (, Exchange Server message size limits, S... 10 Jul 2008 03:08
ATTN: Rich Matheisen [MVP] and/or Andy David {MVP}
Sorry to call you guys out like that, but you had been helping with this issue previously... We started getting the "MapiExceptionNamedPropsQuotaExceeded" again (see original message below.) The way we resolved it last time was by moving mailboxes back and fourth between different storage groups. At that tim... 10 Jul 2008 22:41
I am using Exchange 2007 SP1. I have used Exmerge with Exchange 2003. So I am aware of providing proper permissions etc. I am required to archive ex-employees mailboxes before removing them. I am trying to use Exmerge and it's giving me an error dapi.dll not found. So I tried another server Windows 2003 SP2 Exc... 24 Jun 2008 15:25
new-addresslist and -match operator
Hi, I have staff who work in multiple departments and I'm looking at setting up address lists that will show the department members and also have those that work in multiple departments listed under each of the relevant lists. I can see no way of setting up the lists to use group membership so I thought we wo... 19 Jun 2008 14:45
cross-forest connect problem Availbility service
I want to enable ancross-forest connect between 2 forests (w2k3) with E2K7 SP1. For test I have created some contacts in ORG1 of persons in ORG2 and reverse. The SMTP-Adresses are the same of each "person-contact" I have made the following steps: 1.) 18 Jun 2008 23:04
Issues with mail delivery
Hi All For the last couple of weeks, we have been getting random issues where some mail servers on the internet will start to deny our email. The message returned in the DNR from our Exchange server is "550 5.7.1 relaying denied". Not all servers do this, and some messages go right through, while others will... 19 Jun 2008 20:55
Exchange 2007 OWA issue
I have two sites. Site 1: Exchange 2003 server and Exchange 2007 CAS only Site 2: Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 MAIL, CAS, HUB The issue im having is when i use the exchange 2007 server from site 1 (with the /exchange page rather than /owa page) i get the error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. If i use... 12 Jun 2008 21:01
inetinfo.exe and w3wp.exe crashing
Yesterday, my Exchange services crashed. I received quite a few error messages in the Event Logs. Application Errors: Event ID 1000 Faulting Application inetinfo.exe, version 6.0.3790.1830, faulting module expoxy.dll, version 6.5.7638.1, fault address 0x00006700. Event ID 1000 faulting application w3wp.... 9 Jun 2008 13:59
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