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DAVEXPC Event ID 901
I keep getting this Event in my Application Logs: Event Type: Error Event Source: DAVEXPC Event Category: None Event ID: 901 Date: 4/30/2008 Time: 11:01:07 AM User: N/A Computer: [Computer Name] Description: The description for Event ID ( 901 ) in Source ( DAVEXPC ) cannot be found. The local computer ... 30 Apr 2008 14:52
Exhcange 07 Event ID 9331 & 9335 when Gen OAB
I just was through a transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. I have decommissioned exchange 2003 server. I am now getting Event 9331 and 9335 when updating Offline address book. Evnet 9331 OALGen encountered error 80004005 (internal ID 50101ee) accessing the public folder store while generating the off... 12 May 2008 22:37
The Exchange server address list failed to respond. Cant add m
8 or 9 other GC's "John Fullbright" wrote: Well, I'd say the old server was a GC. Look at the event ID 2080s in your app log since you shut down the old server. Are there any other GCs? Doesn't sound like it. "Stuart Reicher" <StuartReicher(a)> wrote in message ne... 2 May 2008 11:03
The Exchange server address list failed to respond. Cant add mailb
I just shutdown my old server which was the operations master. I have not demoted it or removed it from AD yet. When it is shutdown I can no longer add mailboxes using the EMC. I also can't hide mailboxes either. I get this error -------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Exchange Er... 29 Apr 2008 19:04
Exchange server 2007 restart server urgent issue
Hi, We have Exchange 2007 on a Windows server 2003 64bit box. We had to reboot the server after work just did a restart. Anyway after restarting the server the following message turned up in the event logs on the server Event Type: Warning Event Source: MSExchangeIS Event Category: General Event ID: 1233 D... 24 Apr 2008 22:11
Auto Accept Agent: Issue with configuration
Hi, i am trying to register my mailbox with "RegisterMailbox.vbs": cscript RegisterMailbox.vbs /m:foo(a)bar.local Unfortunately this error occurred: "Error Commiting Transaction : 2141913024 Event Registration failure: The %1 specified does not contain a valid ProgID or CLSID" Any ideas? Regards Hans Me... 17 Apr 2008 12:31
Exchange 2003 -- how to block address spoofing??
I have enabled the IMF and we are also running Antigen v9 on this box. I noticed that lately I have been receiving a lot of spam from addresses like jj(a) (where represents our internal email domain name). As the messages appear to come from our email domain the IMF doesn't block them and e... 4 Apr 2008 19:40
Exchange quota service "RPC error occured"
We run an Exchange 2003 cluster, and cant run the "start quota maintenance" by right clicking, as a pop box occurs stating Exchange quota service "RPC error occured". I have looked this up, and to date although its a recognised issue, no one seems to know a solution. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, QH ... 2 Apr 2008 11:43
Event ID 10016
Hi all, when my Exchange Server 2003 SP2 starts it logs the following error into the eventlog: Source: DCOM Category: None Type: Error User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Description: The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Ser... 2 Apr 2008 03:15
Even ID 9646
I am using exchange 2003.I am getting an error in the even log for one user "exceed a maximum of 32 objects type of session". The client side i am using microsoft outlook 2002 (office XP). can any one help??? ... 23 Apr 2008 15:42
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