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continued -exchange 2007 meeting invitation problem with outlook 2
since we moved to exchange 2007 we have a big problem with meeting invitations sent through the exchange server - recipients outside the exchange organization (using outlook 2003 themself) get either a jibrish code message (hereinafter) or in certain circumstances a winmail.dat problem 1. when sending to recipi... 7 May 2007 07:22
ongoing issue,
im really at a loss with this one still, driving me insane we can mail all domains no problem one particular domain cannot reply to us they are running 2000 we are running 2007 ive checked the filter logs and they are getting through ive disabled all filters, added anonymous access to the smtp connectors -... 5 May 2007 08:11
Exchange 2007 emails don't geht Stautus "DELIVERD"
If i do the message traking in the trouble shot tool, i will geht the following logs an undelivered emails: Result SMTP: RECEIVE Result STORDRV: FAIL 550 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Deliver: The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service reported an error. The following information should help identify the cause of... 20 Apr 2007 05:31
System Attendant
Service not start automatically, only manual Event Type: Error Event Source: MSExchangeSA Event Category: General Event ID: 1005 Date: 19/04/2007 Time: 23:01:51 User: N/A Computer: SBC004 Description: Unexpected error The logon attempt failed ID no: 8009030c Microsoft Exchange System Attendant occurre... 23 Apr 2007 21:57
Exchange 2007 - Get-AgentLog - LocalBlockList
Hi, is there anybody, who knows what does it mean "LocalBlockList" as Reason in Get-AgentLog cmdlet result? Thanks -- R.V. ... 17 Apr 2007 11:30
Error pair of event id 116 & 9549
Hi there, exchange2003 email system as follows: backend: exch2003 ent server sp1 on w2k3 server (no sp) frontend: exch2003 std server sp2 on w2k3 server sp1 I got this pair of error on a few days in Apr07, Mar07, Feb07, seems there was no big harm to my email system, but I still prefer to fix it, wondering wha... 16 Apr 2007 12:51
OWA 2K3 Change Password Notification Stopped Working
Hi Guys - I've been at this problem for a few months now... I'm at a total lost can anyone help. When users log into OWA they get a page that basically says: Internet Service Manager for Internet Information Server 6.0 Your password will expire soon. Do you want to change it now? Access default document or s... 6 Apr 2007 10:17
Missing default SMTP virtual server
I have a custumers SBS 2003 box with the same problem. There is no entry for default SMTP virtual server, nor is there one with another name. No matter how I try to add one, it does not show up. I need to be able to change the default SMTP port. What do I have to do to get this to show up again? Thanks, Tony ... 5 Apr 2007 08:44
Inter-Org Free/Busy Replication
I've got two domains. L1id.local and L1id has an exchange 2003 Org and has an exchange 2000 Org. I'm publishing Free/Busy from to L1id.local using the Inter-Org Replication tool, however, I'm not seeing any free busy info for users in When creating a meeting... 5 Apr 2007 13:25
Availability Service Authentication errors
EX07 with two sites, one USA one Germany. Email flows. Users on the USA side can busy search users in either MB server. Users in Germany can busy search only users in the Germany MB server, if they attempt to busy search USA users it fails. The error is below. Germany server has CAS, HT, MB roles. There is a ... 3 Apr 2007 16:24
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