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Removing Empty, but Replicated Public Folders
I am throwing in the towel on Exchange 2007 until a ServicePack or 2 are out - it has crashed my Exchange 2003 system too many times. I am trying, after removing all mailbox databases, to remove the Public Folder database, which I am forced to remove before removing Exchange 2007. I am running the moveallreplic... 25 Oct 2007 14:56
GFI MailEssentials
Hello, We've got a important problem with spams. I just installed GFI MailEssentials 12 on my back-end server Exchange 2003 Enterprise and the installation has finished properly. In the console GFI MailEssentials Configuration, I choose "Move to the specified folder : E:\GFI\Folder" But spams come into us... 9 Oct 2007 09:52
Upgrading to Exchange 2007
Here is where we are at right now.... Going from server/exchange 2000 to server 2003 and exchange 2007. Have exchange 2007 installed and running. Able to move accounts from server 2000 to server 2003 by setting up trust between the .local(2000) and the On the 2007, setup test mail accounts an... 3 Oct 2007 09:28
Unknown error deleting/moving/archiving emails
I have problems deleting some emails in my Outlook, I'm viewing my Exchange Journal Folder and manually moving to .pst files. Some emails, particularly from a few senders cannot be moved. Upon moving to another user's mailbox, I get "Can't move the items. Unknown Error." Upon moving to pst file, the erro... 24 Sep 2007 04:57
windows 2008 and exchange 2007
does anyone know if exchange 2007 sp1 beta 2 will work on 2008 beta 3? i had an issue with the first sp1 beta where it wouldn't detect powershell and setup wouldn't run beta 2 doesn't have that problem and setup will run, however it fails during hub transport not sure if anyone else tried it... org prep and mgm... 17 Sep 2007 14:07
delete AD user account without mailbox?
when trying to delete a mail enabled user account I got following warning: Are you sure you want to delete this object? the selected object has other associated objects. Select those associated objects that you also want to delete. Mark each selected Exchange mailbox for deletion (checked) But I... 31 Aug 2007 04:11
Exchagne 2007 OWA "Corrupt Data Exception"
I've been getting these "randomly" with OWA 2007 - any suggestions? (Kudo's to the error msg scheme though - better than some lame 404, etc) (Skipped the url information for obvious reason) Exception Exception type: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.CorruptDataException Exception message: System.FormatException... 28 Aug 2007 19:43
HELP!!! System Down
We were getting lots of disconnects from the exchange server, so I rebooted the server now all messages go into the Messages awaiting directory lookup. I have looked for info on the net but everything I have found has not worked. Any help would be great. Kevin Porter ... 28 Aug 2007 16:30
Unable to Create Mailbox in Exchange Server
I cannot create any mail either Mail-enabled or Mailbox. Using Exchange task I get this error - errorCode="0x8007203a">The server is not operational. I ran DCDIAG and Netdom already but I need to know what to look for when using those tools. ... 24 Aug 2007 23:29
Script to list out users with enabled outlook mobile access in exchange/ad
How can i list out all the users in a AD that has enabled outlook mobile access on exchange in a vbs script? It Should be possible, but i have problem finding it out... Hans Eide ... 23 Aug 2007 23:31
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