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On Mon, 19 Jul 2010 16:35:46 +0100, bugbear
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: Robert Coe wrote:
: > :
: > : Those are points of "interest", not random points. I think the point
: > : of the mandate is to try to take interesting pictures at uninteresting
: > : (random) locations.
: >
: > A few observations on that:
: >
: > - Some of those "points of interest" are not, in themselves, particularly
: > interesting. The challenge is to go there and find a shot that makes the site
: > as interesting as it can be. Whether the site was chosen at random or by some
: > other method that's effectively beyond the photographer's control is not that
: > relevant, arguably.
: Actually, going to a conventional "interesting location"
: is probably limiting, since the "right photograph"
: is so clearly defined.
: I've been to beauty spots where there are literally
: "take your photo from here" plaques on the ground.
: If you were to do so, your photograph would
: be very similar to the postcards on sale nearby.

Thank you for taking the trouble to point that out. I submitted three
pictures. There are no such markers at any of the locations, nor have I ever
seen any of them on a postcard. If any of them resemble an existing postcard,
it is coincidence.