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Palm TX as a drive on windows
Hello, Would there be a way to have the palm TX seen as a drive in Windows and then copy files (pdf, mp3..) to it? thanks for your help ... 24 Apr 2007 21:05
Java on Treo 650: jartoprc.exe and jartoprc_w.exe needed
I am trying to run a jar file on Treo 650 (from - a phone over ip application for mobile phones). For some inexplicable reason the IBM Java VM (obtainable from although loaded in memory does not seem to be recognised. So I am thinking of converting the jar file to a prc file. I cannot fin... 28 Feb 2007 08:24
Bank Sort Codes Germany 2007-03
Hello together, the updated Bank Sort Codes for Germany (BLZ-DE) are valid as of March 5th, 2007. Info and Download (EPOC Data, Palm OS MobileDB, and Mobipocket): Greeting from the Lowlander (Thomas) ... 21 Feb 2007 01:20
Why is Motorola USB not Blackberry USB (chargers = 5.0v, 5.9v, 350ma, 500ma)
Is it true that one MUST use ONLY the EXACT USB charger that comes with their cell phone or digital camera? Are USB chargers really not interchangable? The T-Mobile store told me I could only use their T-Mobile charger for my new USB based cellphone. After showing me the charger for the Motorola V195 which... 15 Jan 2007 23:43
Initiate Hotsync from PC?
I'm running Palm OS 4.1, Windows XP Pro/SP2 and Palm Desktop 4.1.4 Is there some way, even extra software to buy/install, that I can initiate a Hotsync from my PC instead of from the Palm? -- Harold Fuchs London, England ... 7 Dec 2006 04:29
Can't hard reset Palm TX
I need to hard reset my Palm TX, but I can't make it happen. I hold the power button, press reset button and wait for the screen telling me to press UP on the D-pad. It simply does a soft reset every time. What's up? I need to hard reset because the TX hangs when I try to check email or access the web. I conne... 21 Sep 2006 10:34
REQ: Serial or Crack for IM+
It is alleged that Tuan Lam claimed: -- Jeffrey Kaplan The from userid is killfiled Send personal mail to gordol "If I am ever the Hero top 100 list: #1. I w... 28 Aug 2006 13:53
Broken Sword data file
Does anyone have the data file (sword1data.pdb) for the game Broken Sword? If so, please post or email. sonicscientist(at) ... 31 Jul 2006 19:26
Weird .pdb file to decrypt
I have a very odd .pdb file that supposedly contains a text. Only, it is not encoded in the standard text (DOC) format as most .pdb files are. According to some information that I collected on the internet, it is NOT a DOC document at all. The 'format marker' at the beginning of the document is VOLcCTx1. After try... 8 Mar 2006 16:05
T3 - lost original CD, need install_befigs.exe
Can someone please tell me where I can download this file in order to reinstall the Versamail conduit, or would someone be so kind as to sent it. Thanks in advance ... 30 Aug 2005 08:25
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