From: Joe Forster/STA on
> > But Rockbox already does play SIDPlay musics.
> Oh yeah? Well. Sure. Kinda like a ZX Spectrum plays SID music, not at
> all or at least not very well.

With HVSC 5.0 and Rockbox 3.3 on my old iRiver iHP-140, I've listened
- Atomino, because of the distorted electric guitar effect;
- Impossible Mission (PSID), because of the digi speech;
- Impossible Mission 2, because of the music that plays correctly with
certain settings only;
- Last Ninja 2, because it's my absolute all-time favorite;
- Rockmonitor 3, because of the digi drums and speech;
- Turrican 2 subtune 2, because of the solo that is heard only with
certain settings (wander around subtunes by holding the left or right
button for a longer time, like seeking in a seekable stream).

I found no significant problems. Yes, it may not be a HardSID and I
found no strings in the codec at all, so it may not be based on reSID,
but I love SID music, whether played at good or bad quality. ;-)
From: ramswell on
On Nov 15, 8:56 am, Oldbitcollector <jeffled...(a)> wrote:
> I've been working as Beta tester for the last few months on a SID
> emulation project.
> The final product is extremely good and sounds very close to the real
> thing.
> I'm considering assembly of a board which runs on 3v, and plays SID
> files from an SD card.
> I've got a very nice prototype running on my workbench, so SID music
> on the go is a reality.
> Any interest in a product like this?  I'm considering a batch of PCBs

Any chances of the SD CARD for this "SID Project" being "backwardly
compatible" with protovisions MP3(a)64 module that connects to the MMC64
Cartridge? I've been thinking for quite some time of purchasing one of
those for my RR-NET/MMC64 CART Combination, but am still collecting
data and cash for it at the moment.

From: Oldbitcollector on
We'll be ready to release the "SIDSTICK" in about three weeks.

It'll be a small battery operated PCB with headphone jack, volume
control, control buttons, and microSD.
It'll be sold initially as a simple to assemble kit, and we'll work
out some ready-built units for those who
don't solder. Anyone able to do through-hole soldering should be able
to assemble this kit within
an hour.

It'll be designed to play captured SID files, and I'll probably add a
couple other toys as well.

I'll post more as we move forward.


From: christianlott1 on
On Nov 19, 9:14 am, Oldbitcollector <jeffled...(a)> wrote:
> We'll be ready to release the "SIDSTICK" in about three weeks.

emulated how? what's the price?
From: David Murray on
Here's an idea for you. I always wanted to build an alarm clock that
could wake me up in the morning to the sound of a random SID song.. I
think it'd be cool to wake up to the end-game music of Commando, then
hit the snooze and 10 minutes later wake up to international Karate..
You get the idea.. that would be great. I even have thought about
building it myself as I have the skills, sadly just not the time.
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