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null client doc
In this text ... A null client is a machine that can only send mail. It receives no mail from the network, and it does not deliver any mail locally. A null client typically uses POP, IMAP or NFS for mailbox access. .... is confusing (the part about POP, ... 15 Jul 2010 14:18
Better spam filter for postfix
As most of you guys know. I use mailscanner. I would like recomendations of what else to use. I prefer a all in one package like what mailscanner does. It also utilizes clamav and spamassion. The problem is most of the information I find on the net is outdated or for projects that stops. Seems like everybod... 16 Jul 2010 18:47
Simple Hack To Get $2000 To Your PayPal Account
Simple Hack To Get $2000 To Your PayPal Account At Due to high security risks, i have hidden the PayPal Form link in an image. in that website On Top Side Above search box , click on image and enter your PayPal id And Your name. please don,t tell to any One. ... 15 Jul 2010 10:57
info about "From:" address without domain
Hi to all! I've a environmetn with two postfix server, with relaying scope. If I send an email without domain: 220 ********************************* helo test 250 mail from:test 250 2.1.0 Ok it will arrive with the domain suffix AAAAA appended. I want to send an email without any domai... 15 Jul 2010 09:51
Different disclaimaer for each domain???
Hi, Can I automagically attach a different disclaimer for each domain? if so, how? Are there different options? Adri -- Adrian P. van Bloois Postbus 2575 email: adrian(a) 3500 GN Utrecht voice: +31-(0)-30-68-94649 The Netherlands fax: +31-30-6... 19 Jul 2010 08:03
Check out my photos on Facebook
Hi Postfix-users, I set up a Facebook profile where I can post my pictures, videos and events and I want to add you as a friend so you can see it. First, you need to join Facebook! Once you join, you can also create your own profile. Thanks, Satish To sign up for Facebook, follow the link below: http://www.f... 15 Jul 2010 02:20
can't get rate limit to work
mx1# postfwd -V postfwd2 0.21 (Net::DNS 0.65, Net::Server 0.97, Sys::Syslog 0.27, Perl 5.008009 on freebsd) mx1# postfwd --showconfig -f /usr/local/etc/postfwd.conf | egrep SNDR Rule 4: id->"SNDR_RATE_LIMIT"; action->"rate($$sender/10/60/450 4.7.1 SNDR_RATE_LIMIT)"; client_address->"==;(.*)" then I send 30 ms... 14 Jul 2010 16:32
TLS not being advertised or not running?
I think I have a configuration issue, but it looks like a strange one on this end. Before going line by line, I thought I would throw this out to the list. I am attempting to set up postfix (send only) with TLS support. TLS was compiled in and postfix does run, it does send mail in the clear. However, we need i... 14 Jul 2010 15:26
postfix/local segfaults
Hello! I've just upgraded a working setup from postfix 2.5.5 to 2.6.6 on a Gentoo box. Since then, when postfix/local tries to do user name expansion (as far as I learned from the backtrace), it segfaults: ------------------------8<---------------------- #0  0x11286469 in vstring_strcpy (vp=0x112b8c50, src=0x... 22 Jul 2010 19:08
Any way to archive the same using regexp transport in versions2.3+
On 7/14/2010 11:11 AM, Dusan Obradovic wrote: Postfix prior version 2.3 allowed this using regexp transport_maps: /^(.*)@(.*)$/ smtp:[${2}] I'm looking for this result in postfix version 2.3+: user(a) <mailto:user(a)> smtp:[ 14 Jul 2010 13:12
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