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THREAD CLOSED (ISP Blocking of port 25)
Sahil Tandon: Time of death on Thu, Jul 22: 01:57:34 UTC END OF THREAD. Please? :-) Yes. I was posting that when my hotel's internet connection broke. TRESPASSERS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST. Wietse ... 22 Jul 2010 09:12
postfix/smtpd: queue file size limit exceeded
> Jul 21 12:11:26 smtpd[31280]: connect from[] Jul 21 12:11:26 smtpd[31280]: 2E..36:[] Jul 21 12:11:26 cleanup[31284]: 2E..36: message-id=<AANLk...Ux(a)> Jul 21 12:11:34 smtpd[31280]: warning: 2E..36: queue file size lim... 24 Jul 2010 01:37
Need help to block/allow incoming connections basedon IP
Le 22.07.2010 12:58, Christoph Anton Mitterer a écrit : On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 12:54 +0200, Denis BUCHER wrote: 4. But now when I try a "telnet (this machine) 25" from I get "Welcome" and I am not rejected ? Could someone tell me what I did wrong ? Check 22 Jul 2010 07:02
Need help to block/allow incoming connections based on IP
Dear all, After hours of reading websites and this mailing list, and after many unsuccessful tries, I would be happy if someone could help me. I want to allow some incoming networks to be allowed to connect to our servers and all the rest to be blocked. This is the solution that I ended with (but it doesn'... 22 Jul 2010 08:07
Feature request: postsuper release but don't delete (cloning?)
I can put a mail on HOLD and release it later with the postsuper command. That's great for debugging purposes, but only if I need to send the message just once. Would it be possible to expand the postsuper command with an optional command line parameter that releases the message, but does not delete it from the h... 23 Jul 2010 09:11
Rewrite MAIL FROM protocol message
Hi, I've got a local mail server that is responsible for delivering all my mail to the recipients. It does this by forwarding it to the strato mailserver using smtp authentication. As I do have accounts with different providers, my mails do have different sender domains. That's why the strato mailserver refuses ... 22 Jul 2010 04:52
(graylisting) better spam filter for postfix
I treid grey listng and don't use it because too many servers were not re-sending the e-mail back asap. Alot did and there was no problem. But some took up to a day to retry the message. I remeber reading about DPSAM. Also going to look at amavisd-new and assp. I like the idea of calling it a engine when using ... 21 Jul 2010 16:55
Info about another listening port on Postfix 2.3.3
Hi to all! I've a configuration file like this: smtp inet n - n - - smtpd -o content_filter=dfilt: and I have to *add* another listening port (TCP 37025). The line " -o content_filter=dfilt:" has the purpose to add a disclaimer to all my outgoing emails. If I add this ... 21 Jul 2010 10:14
Is such an SSL attack possible against Postfix? sorry, it's in german. I'll translate some bits: Sombody went to Torrent trackers and announced as Torrent client (for a really popular download I guess). Thus, got flooded with torrent-client traffic on the SSL port. Port 25 outgoing will b... 21 Jul 2010 23:29
What is the proper way to deal with non-existing e-mail addresses?
When somebody emails to a non-existing e-mail address postfix bounces these by default with a "Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient" error. I wonder what the appropriate behavior is. To discard emails for unknow, users, forward them to another address or bounce them? What about backscatter? D... 21 Jul 2010 03:46
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