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Dustin Cook <bughunter.dustin(a)> wrote:

>As many of the keyloggers are commercial in nature; Perhaps you could
>purchase a copy of the popular ones and provide the complete installer to
>various antimalware researchers.

I'm not buying them, but here is where you can look.....

Thanks for the offer.

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"FromTheRafters" <erratic(a)> wrote:

>Nearly half of all Texans are of below average intelligence, and don't
>*even* get me started on Oklahomans.

LOL.... I'm in Texas (the good half), and just returned from OKC, you're

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"Jenn" <me(a)nowhere.whocareswhatthisemailisanyway> wrote:

>ROFLOL there's more than one Brenda here... you could always take out an
>add on a billboard.

I'm never going back to that hell-hole again. People for the most part are
rude. In Texas we acknowledge strangers with a "howdy", or "hi", or "what's
up", ..."how's it going"??

When I was there for 3 awful months, they all looked at me like I was crazy when
I was displaying some southern hospitality. Plus, I had a Texas tag, and was
always being told how much Texas suck compared to OSU (I could really care
less), we have and NFL team with a brand new station, if I wanted to match my
rivals against Houston, I would just buy a damn ticket. There all so damn mad
at Texas for some reason.

Another thing, your exit and entry ramps are so small it's amazing there is not
a daily death trying to get onto I-44, I-40, I-35 etc.... What, was concrete
too expensive for the "Okies" to build a ramp with an acceleration lane? It's
like you make a giant circle once on the ramp, then --BOOOM-- you're right
there in the right freeway lane, nowhere close to highway speeds.

Maybe I'm spoiled, because despite occasional traffic/or construction lanes, our
Highways here in Houston, (more impressive are the ones in Austin, and Dallas
still needs a little more work) are smooth sailing.... Here's a live pic of the
newly redone Katy freeway :

IN fact you can see all of Houston's highways 24/7 live here:


See lives in Newalla -- (does that narrow it down)?

If you can't find her, I'll just email our new song....

(everybody needs to see this, it's rofl lultz)