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> | >>Umm, yes. I see that the theme support is gone.
> | >>So... back to v5.
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> | > What exactly is theming support? I've never heard the term before.
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> | This link shows pictures of the classic and XP styles:
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> Forty bucks for *that*?

I agree, it's too much. I just searched for pictures and this site showed

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>It's nothing to do with VB5 itself.
>The V5 controls were distributed with VB6 as well.

Oh, okay. I played with them a little (I noticed that I had both 5 and 6 as
well), and except for a little functionality difference I didn't see anything
I'd consider an interface difference. What am I missing here?

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>This link shows pictures of the classic and XP styles:

Thanks to you and to everyone else who have pointed me in various directions.
I hadn't realized that the new look was even possible in VB. I'll start
experimenting. Overall it seems to be more trouble than it's worth, but what
the heck.

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>Purchase price has never been synomymous with "worth" or even "cost".

On the other hand if someone has a deadline and they have a lot of code to
write, being able to buy something and let it do what it's supposed to do is
often worth it.

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"Mike Williams" <Mike(a)> wrote:

>.. . . as Micro$oft will gladly confirm!

I'm surprised at all this animosity about Microsoft. They have provided
incredible bargains to people over the years, and what's more, they made every
effort to make apps backward compatible so that people can use old dependable
software on newer systems. For instance, the Usenet reader I'm using now is
News Xpress, a program written for Windows 3.1! It runs just dandy on XP, 15
years later.