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64bit on top Steam's hardware survey has Win7 x64 as most popular OS barely beating XP. ... 3 Aug 2010 11:27
Moving the Show Desktop to the Left Side of the Screen?
Has anyone tried this posted at the following link? If so, if it does not work or you don't like it, can you get back: Restore classical Taskbar in Windows 7 1. Right-click on a blank area of the taskbar and, remove the checkmark from the item "Lock ... 4 Aug 2010 18:00
1st time W7 crash, many changes
Hello, I've had a few computers here running Windows 7 Professional since last August. This morning one of them suffered a hard crash -- system video went off, had to power down to restore operations. This is the first crash I've seen on Windows 7 so far, so I have no experience with what to expect. Some ob... 2 Aug 2010 21:22
Changing Registry to use 64 bit WIndows better
Hi everyone, I have a Windows 7 64 bit Version with 6 GB RAM. In a PC Magazine I read if one has more than 2 GB RAM one can change the registry to use this memory better. REGEDIT: HKEY__LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ Session Manager\Memory Management Double click DisablePagingExecutive ... 5 Aug 2010 15:48
microsoft security essentials
Any body using MS security essentials? Why so many updates is it necessary to down load that many, using a lot of disk space! ... 31 Jul 2010 16:11
Aug 1st, will it be "E.L.E."?
We are getting closer to August 1st, the alleged date when MSFT will no longer support this group. Will August 1st be "E.L.E." (Extinction Level Event) like the movie? :) I am still posting both via Web and one of the servers already suggested here. I expect to see everybody around here in the afterlife next Mond... 4 Aug 2010 15:49
VPN connection to Windows XP environment (without blue screening)
Which edition of Windows 7 are you running? If you're running Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise, you can obtain - at no cost - the bits and pieces needed for something called "XP Mode", which is a special bundle of Microsoft Virtual PC and a Windows XP virtual machine image for it, set up so that "XP Mode" app... 29 Jul 2010 21:49
slow logoff / shutdown
Hi My laptop runs on Windows 7 Pro. There are 2 users on this laptop, and both are in the Administrator group. Everything was running fine until I changed the account type on one of the users from Administrator to Standard User. As a result, I noticed that the Standard User took several minutes to log off ... 1 Aug 2010 19:12
DVD movies from a computer to a TV for viewing?
I hope I'm in the right NP or someone can point me to one. Is there a device that will allow one to send a DVD signal from a PC to a TV for viewing? I am runnng Win7 x64 w/ Media Center and would like to show movies on my TV. ... 30 Jul 2010 06:26
ATI Catalyst 10.7 drivers are out
Another monthly release has seen the light. For those hesitating about the need of installing them here are the release notes: Carlos ... 27 Jul 2010 21:43
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