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Announce: qtada,gprbuil and xmlada for Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo Linux
Hello. I prepared QtAda ( packages for Debian/Ubuntu and Gentoo Linux. For Gentoo Linux i created a special ada-overlay. In this overlay there are ebuild files for gnat-gcc-4.4.3, gprbuild, xmlada and qtada. Packed overlay can be downloaded from here: 28 Apr 2010 09:26
Min/Max attribute makes promises it can't keep
I'm disappointed with some allowed syntax that seems a little error- prone. Consider the following code: with Ada.Integer_Text_Io; use Ada.Integer_Text_Io; procedure Main is Nat : constant Natural := 0; Pos : Positive; begin Get (Pos); Put (Positive'Min(Nat, Pos)); -- Ada does not require... 1 May 2010 03:19
LIACC moved to LIAAD
FYI. Some Ada stuff of mine, including the PostgreSQL binding Pgsql, that used to be available at is now at ... 27 Apr 2010 15:36
Integer overflow is int overflow (Re: Web browser in Ada)
On 27.04.10 16:00, AdaMagica wrote: But Standard.Integer is an integer ;-) Very_Big : constant := Integer'Last + Integer'Last; -- "+" of Integer Even_Bigger: constant := Long_Integer'Last + Long_Integer'Last; -- "+" of Long_Integer Illegal : constant := Long_Integer'Last + ... 27 Apr 2010 14:26
Error when running gcc from GPS
Using GPS GPL Edition. GPS 4.2.1 (20080115) hosted on i686-pc-linux-gnu GNAT 4.3.2 I have only just started using GPS. I created a directory Adaproj in the home directory and requested the default project to be put there. It now contains the files main.adb, test.c and default.gpr. The file main.adb compil... 25 Apr 2010 13:15
Autoconf & gnat Help Needed
Has anyone here had experience using GNAT with autoconf/automake? I'm attempting to port my autoconf from the original bdbbasic project to the Ada rewrite project (z9basic). But I am having much difficulty getting autoconf, automake and libtool to work together for a gnat build. In a nutshell, I have som... 27 Apr 2010 09:51
InformationWeek Gives Ada Black Eye
Gautier write-only expounded in news:60862edf-fdfb-4c68-a96c-fd6ccded599f(a) On 21 Apr., 15:35, Warren <ve3...(a)> cited: "... All this feature richness is great, but at some point it runs the risk of feature bloat, bogging down resources and performance in the ... 23 Apr 2010 20:41
How to access this package written in C?
I am working on software that manipulates SQL databases via a GUI. It is written in C or C++ without classes and compiled on Linux. Would also want it to run on Windows eventually. This software has essentially one entry procedure: int guidb ( int appno , int recaddress ); // in C which returns an outcome a... 3 May 2010 04:25
Ada help file indexed by keyword
I'm looking for an Ada95/2005 help or reference document indexed by keyword (reserved word or standard library identifier). The purpose is to integrate it into an academic IDE, so it should be possible to put the cursor in the editing window over a meaningful word, and invoke help about it. So far I've foun... 23 Apr 2010 20:41
Web browser in Ada
There are discussions from time to time, since very long, about writing a Web browser in Ada. The main idea would have a safe browser. Actually today's issues about security in Web browsers remarkably seem of the same kind as ten years ago, just a bit more frequent and acute. Did someone give a try ? I guess the ... 27 Apr 2010 11:00
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