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A good methodology ...
Hello, I have cleaned my previous posts, and here is my new post that include my 'ideas' etc... Srinivas Nayak wrote in comp.programming.threads: Dear All, Please suggest a good book that teaches in great details about the theories behind the followings. 1. shared memory concurrent systems. 2. mes... 4 Apr 2010 11:30
Parallel Compression 1.0 .....
Skybuck wrote: What if people wanna roll there own versions ? ;) They would much better be "served" by algorithms/pseudo code than real code which could be system/language specific ;) It's easy to EXTRACT algorithms from Object Pascal code... Look for example inside pbzip.pas, i am using this in the m... 4 Apr 2010 02:50
Java to Ada
Does anybody have experience going from Java to Ada? Especially when you need to call a running service? Any helps or hints would be appreciated. Thanks. ... 2 Apr 2010 17:03
Stephen Leake is a new Debian Maintainer
After Xavier Grave last month[1], Stephen Leake has just been promoted to Debian Maintainer status[2]. Stephen has been my Padawan for more than a year and has been a key contributor to the upcoming Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" stable release (current status at [3]), so it is with great pride and gratefulness that I mak... 1 Apr 2010 05:43
Ann: Language Popularity Index v.01
The /Transparent/ Language Popularity Index, version 01. Look here for the tool and its results: Enjoy Gautier ... 2 Apr 2010 09:16
announce: qt4ada version 2.6.2
Announce : QtAda version 2.6.2 QtAda is Ada-95(05) interface to Qt4 graphics library Qt version 4.6.2 open source and qt4c.dll( biulded with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 in Windows MINGW GCC Windows compiler and gcc in Linux Package tested with gnat gpl 2009 ada compiler in Windows 32bit and 64bit ... 6 Apr 2010 02:04
XML Serializer for ADA
Good mornig, I'm looking for an XML serializer for ADA, that is, an application that, provinding an ADA type, will convert it to an xml stream and viceversa. I've heard about XMLBooster, but it seems it uses its own xml library and not XML/Ada from adacore. Thank you very much. ... 31 Mar 2010 15:26
GPS and assembly language files
I'm trying to create a standalone (run on the bare metal) program for a PC using GPS GPL 2009. Obviously, I need an assembly language file (to setup the stack and transition the CPU to 32-bit mode), which would then call my Ada main entry point. Is it possible to have GPS compile and build this? I cannot figure ... 30 Mar 2010 05:01
Interpreted vs. Compiled
I do not think any language can be said to be "interpreted" or "compiled". Instead, any *implementation* of any language can be "interpreted", "compiled" or something in between. It is almost a continuum. Interpreted, stricto sensu, means that the interpreter reads the sources of the program as written by the ... 29 Mar 2010 16:56
ANNOUNCE: Evex 0.50, Evaluation Expression for and in Ada
Evex is a full-featured run-time expression evaluation library providing a variety of built-in mathematical and string manipulation operators and functions. A variable table is maintained for the storage and retrieval of the results of evaluated expressions. New functions can be defined at run-time using the #def... 28 Mar 2010 13:24
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