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Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Kit completo de Solenoides ( solenoid ) + chicotePara Cambio automatico 01M hidramatico Audi A3 Vw Golf gti turbo 02416
Contato: marvendas(a) marvendas @ marvendas no Kit completo de solenoides para Volkswagem e Audi. O kit contem: 5 solenoides 2 Epc ( solenoides de pressao ) 1 Chicote Serve para qualquer modelo VW ou Audi fabricados de 1995 ate hoje com o cambio automatico de 4 marchas � 01M Pre�o: R$ ... 19 Feb 2010 23:19
Windows 2000 single label domain problem
Hello! I have a new client who had a Win 2000 server set up years ago and it was set up with a "single label" domain having no domain suffix, a "dot" domain, and DNS pointing to the ISP's DNS servers. I ran into one of these YEARS ago and found a script that corrected the single label domain issue. I then fi... 8 Mar 2010 02:07
RODC Referral Process
Hi Guys Can someone explain to me what process is used by a RODC to determine where it should forward an authentication request if caching of credentials on the RODC is not allowed? is it by using the DsGetDcName API? If there are multiple writeable DCs how does the RODC deal with spreading the load according... 10 Feb 2010 05:36
win 2000 / 2003 ad problem
I am having an issue with a trust between 2 domains accross a vpn. Domain A is windows 2000 with the latest SP and patches, domain B is a windows 2003 server without sp1 and the latest security patches. When trying to add a user from domain B to domain A, I get the following error in the Select Users, Computers or ... 3 Feb 2010 02:54
no Configuration or Schema sections using adsiedit...
Hi there... Just wondering if you ever got that issue resolved as I am having the exact same issue you had. I have to modify some settings in the "Configuration" area but I do not see that section at all when running adsiedit... We are running small bus server 2000 with a windows 2003 backup (member) domain controll... 2 Feb 2010 17:36
Locating Domain Controller
Hello sachin.srivastava, Make sure to use only domain DNS servers on the NICs of all machines, if no DC/DNS can be located this can be one reason, also you have to use an account that is able to create a new user in AD. Best regards Meinolf Weber Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warran... 4 Jan 2010 05:59
The Importance of the Internet to Consumers and Construction Contractors
Internet technology has significantly influenced people's living and the way business is done. It has opened every business available for the whole world. Through websites, people can easily find a service or product by the use of search engine like MSN, Yahoo or Google, since these search engines give Web Page res... 4 Dec 2009 07:23
-- Paul Bergson MVP - Directory Services MCTS, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, Security+, BS CSci 2008, 2003, 2000 (Early Achiever), NT4 Microsoft's Thrive IT Pro of the Month - June 2009 ... 2 Dec 2009 08:45
10 Tips for Writing Web Copy
One of the most important aspects of a website today is the webcopy - sometimes called the sales letter. In days gone bye, banners and graphics were all important but now it's the words that do the selling. This short article will give you some pointers about writing good webcopy. http://realwebwond... 1 Dec 2009 05:02
Windows 2008 Domain Name Rename
Hi Folks Is renaming a domain easier to acheive in Windows 2008 than it was in Windows 2003? Are there any benefits of doing this when our domain has been upgraded to 2008 as opposed to beforehand (2003)? I understand the tool is now included with Windows 2008 but wondered if the process was easier i.e. less ... 9 Dec 2009 03:24
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