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> ECS K7S5A. I have this motherboard in the closet. It is notorious for
> having bulging capacitors near the VRM. Usually it is Gluzon and or
> Ost-brand capacitor.
> Make sure they are good before you add more ram.
> You can find the bios from ECS website. There are few different
> revisions for the board, so make sure you got the right one.
> The revision number is near the mouse port.
> Some of the K7s5a has lan, and some don't, so be sure you got the
> right one

Thank you Eric also for your help. I hope the capacitors are ok, no way of
telling ! The new memory should arrive tomorrow. Which will be Two DDR
sticks of 512 each @ 266MHz The max as stated before is 1GB fitted. I have
been on SDRAM only 512 and when I have some moving graphics on have had
Virtual memory adjustments made by system.


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>Malke wrote:
>> Malke wrote:
>> No, I didn't.
>>> NO you are not in the correct group. This question has nothing to do
>>> with the OS.
>>> Ask elsewhere
>> You fool no one, troll. You need to get to the doctor.
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>> Malke
>Your the sick one if you think I care what you think. This is a NG. Very
>few controls/restrictions if any; and you are NOT in a position to
>dictate what can be posted/asked.
>For me; being a "Troll" is a compliment. Thanks

It may be in the incorrect group, but I got news for you. The Bios is
a very important part of the operating system.