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Phil Allison wrote:

> "Eeysore lying charlatan"
> >
> >> Those 3 power resistors that look burnt are possibly part of the Zobel
> >> network. If you simply replace them they may just go again until you
> >> find
> >> why they burnt, which may be RF oscillations.
> >
> > Agree 100%. Or inadvertent 'RF' on the input.
> ** So it got too close to a radio mic on 600MHz - eh ??

Any competent audio tech knows EXACTLY what I mean.

RF starts @ 10kHz.


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Rupert wrote:

> What's your take on
> polarity invert switches being called "phase" invert switches - a very
> common console labeling for a switch that doesn't have any affect on
> the time domain that a phase label would imply.

Too right by half !

Should be 'POL' or somesuch.


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Denny Strauser wrote:

> <snipped>
> Geesh!
> I'll save the readers from re-reading the flaming quotes on this NG;
> they're there for anyone to read.
> I'd just like to suggest that the flaming "NOISE" quite often masks the
> coherent "SIGNAL" that some people offer.
> Am I wrong?

Antipodean noise is especially troublesome.


From: Phil Allison on

"Eeysore the lying charlatan "

** When Graham Stevenson gets involved in a thread

- it will go on for hundreds of meaningless, stupid post that inform

..... Phil

From: Phil Allison on

"Eeysore Criminal LIAR"

> So WHY did YOU 'correct' me once for innocently making exactly the same
> mistake ?

** Post under the words you are referring to and do not snip relevant
context material - an absolute rule of usenet posting.

Only the worst ASD fucked morons * allude* to their mad internal thoughts
as fact.

...... Phil

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