From: Undead on
On Jun 16, 1:15 pm, Dragos <mglad...(a)> wrote:

> You have made derogatory statements regarding him in the past,
> why we should think any differently now is beyond me.

Back to the lies now, eh?

If you have evidence of this, I would LOVE to see it. It would add to
the fun I'm about to have.
From: Dragos on
..  It would add to
> the fun I'm about to have.

uh oh, Drama Queen is going to "have fun"

Cover your eyes....
From: Clocky on
Undead wrote:
> On Jun 16, 9:59 am, "Clocky" <notg...(a)> wrote:
>> Undead wrote:
>>> On Jun 10, 8:30 pm, redrumloa <redrum...(a)> wrote:
>>>> Say whatever you want about Dragos or any other adult here, don't
>>>> even bring up someone's kid.
>>> Yeah, I'll get right on that, redrumloa. :rollseyes:
>>> Dumbass.
>> I may not agree with Mark on much but bringing someones child into a
>> public discussion is a dog act and speaks volumes of you as a person.
> It was a dog act for Lyons to talk about Gladson's son like that.

Probably so, but he didn't do it in public.

From: David Griffith on
White Spirit <wspirit(a)> wrote:
> On 12/05/2010 21:28, Fred Winter wrote:

>> In a society where only the government is armed, you will find a
>> totalitarian government.

> I don't know of a single Western country where only the government is armed.

> I know of many where only the Police and the military are armed, but
> none of them are totalitarian.

North Korea?

David Griffith
davidmylastname(a) <--- Put my last name where it belongs
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