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Div inline without float
Hi there, I've been trying to make something which lines two divs up inside a parent div, i've tried absolute positioning and floats but both end up looking something like this: (where the parent div collapses) this is what I have to get a result like the abov... 11 Apr 2010 16:47
Inline List and No Wrap problem
Hello, I am trying to create an inline list with 400px maximum width. Each list item should contain an anchor with padding. Each anchor text should not wrap so the phrase is not broken. At the moment I am not able to "break" the list items so the list does not exceed 400px. I am also having some white space b... 11 Apr 2010 22:19
the height of a td
I want to do this: ..all_red{ background-color: red; height: 100%; } <td><div class="all_red"></div></td> <td>content<br>that<br>gives<br>the row<br>height</td> What I find is that .all_red has no height (0, not the actual height of the cell), if I give the cell a fixed height, like this: td{ h... 6 Apr 2010 16:26
instructor solution manual for Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 1st edition (1995) by David J. Griffiths
I have solutions manuals to all problems and exercises in these textbooks. To get one in an electronic format contact me at: kalvinmanual(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know its title, author and edition. solutions manual to A Course in Game Theory by Osborne, Rubinstein solutions manual to A Course in Modern Ma... 5 Apr 2010 11:36
Tabs Using CSS1
Hi, I want to create a simple website with tabs that displays fine in all commonly used web browsers. I have read that CSS2/3 support is incomplete, so I decided to stick to just using CSS1, since support for that seems to be more widespread. I would like the tabs to be plain boxes with a black border ... 6 Apr 2010 07:28
photo gallery css erratic
"dorayme" <dorayme(a)> wrote in message news:dorayme-D4D301.20520803042010(a) And as for the HTML, well I better stop. At least it validates. Perhaps, in case I am hurting your feelings, this might be a starting point for better: < 10 Apr 2010 10:10
div with a "background-color" won't color the back-ground
Hello All: Why doesn't the following style sheet elements create three horizontal stripes of different color areas? #upperband div { height: 200px; background-color: #EDD2A7; } #midband div { height: 24px; background-color: #EEEEEE; } #lowerband div { height: 2000px; background-color: #7... 3 Apr 2010 00:44
Is there a way to detect "unused" CSS entries?
Ed Mullen wrote: C A Upsdell wrote: Bill Braun wrote: Look for the Dust-Me Selectors 2.2 add-on. Does a nice job. Does a great job. But not compatible (yet) with FF 3.6. Works fine if you just alter the version number in the install.rdf file. I would like to point out what has been pointed o... 1 Apr 2010 17:58
The next time someone asks for a critique...
Today's Dilbert cartoon appears to feature a visit to ciwas: "Needs work", eh? ... 8 Apr 2010 08:20
Print stylesheet
I am seeking a good looking print stylesheet, especially for A4 (or US Letter) on a B&W printer. My screen stylesheet is a little too elaborate to work well for printing from some browsers, and would waste ink on colours and so on. However the simple print stylesheet I used to drop the navigation and other unne... 18 Apr 2010 13:02
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