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How to implement IDictionary with <int, MyClass> members forcustom Collection Object?
On 28-06-2010 14:20, Rich P wrote: I found public class SimpleDictionary : IDictionary for creating a custom collection object at this site: The following is a simple class called MyClass (followed by SimpleDicti... 28 Jun 2010 18:23
Task manager in C#
How to create task manager which shows process description and CPU columns like in windows Task Manager? I looked into Process class but it does not have Task Maanger CPU and process description column properties. Also it returns lot of duplicate process names as "svchost" . How to explore from C# code what ... 28 Jun 2010 22:46
.Net application architecture suggestion...
Hi, We are in the conceptual phase to create a relatively medium size enterprise business product application using Silver light 4.0, Entity Framework and WCF. 1. Is it adivceable to use Silverlight 4.0 for this enterprise business application development or should we go in for MVC.NET / ASP.NET? 2. We have p... 28 Jun 2010 10:37
MenuStrip Merge
I am seeking the manner in which you merge menus between MDI forms and Child Forms. Given the Main Menu (MDI Form) File --New Project --Open Project --_ --Create Item --_ --Exit And given the Child Menu File --Save Item --Close Item I want the child menu to merge into the main menu. Here's wha... 27 Jun 2010 17:12
C# namespaces
In a 2008 solution that I need to start working on for the first time, the same namespace name is used in lots of different projects in the same solution. Do you have any idea why this would be setup like this? Would this be setup to overload(override) the namespace. Basically the name 'projectall' names... 28 Jun 2010 10:37
C# projects
C# project questions: 1. In a solution that was maintained by a team of programmers, is there a way to tell how to get the build to locate no errors when it is compiled. Basically I would like to know the order of items to try to get a large solution to compile. **I am asking that question since the p... 1 Jul 2010 01:18
Chossing port for server lsitening
I'm writing a server that listen for client connections. I chose the 2902 port. But today I received a SocketException as follow: Message: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted Method: Socket.DoBind I examined the netstat output and found that some other pr... 27 Jun 2010 07:24
Copy entire directory
Hello, How can I copy an entire directory with all its sub folders and files to another location? Thanks, Miguel ... 26 Jun 2010 22:50 custom control
I and another girl developer at worI want to to know how to do the following in a C#.NET 3.5 non-web application: 1. I have a delgate in one project and I want to have the delegate be executed from a click event in another project. How do I setup this type of a project refernce? (Note: This is existing code t... 27 Jun 2010 18:19
Precreated objects
On 26-06-2010 04:41, Stefan Ram wrote: In Java, there are some names that refer to objects that are already created when a program starts. For example, java.lang.System.out refers to an object at and after program startup, this object does not have to be created by a program, but... 28 Jun 2010 09:31
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