From: Eduardo on

>> What an ugly code!
> I personally like it :)
>> <int>{};
>> =>;

If they are "improving" so much the languages, freeing them of
"unnecessary" things and syntax, why don't they remove the need of
semicolons at the end of every line and all those braces from C#.

They say they changed some features of VB to make it more like C for the
good of VB, so why don't they do also this to C# and change some ugly
features making it more readable as VB is?
From: Dave O. on
Hi Scott, you must have right wing political sympathies because you have
used a favourite right wing method of choosing or inventing an irrelevant
point and then defending it to the exclusion of any points raised by their

I was replying to a direct question posted by the previous writer to a
general point. There is no mechanism in newsgroups to have a separate
conversation within a thread so all sorts of thing may crop up in a thread
which are not exactly germane to the original post, strangely your post had
nothing to say about the use of "Call" in any language so you are just as
guilty as myself.

To prevent myself from committing the same perceived offence, perhaps we
should consider the usage of "Call" in .NET is like the usage of "Let" in
VB6; it's there but of little utility.

Dave O.

"Scott M." <s-mar(a)nospam.nospam> wrote in message
> What I find really telling is that there has been absolutely NO advocation
> of .NET in this thread. There has been no evangelism about it whatsoever.
> What is being discussed is simply the use a particular keyword in it.
> Yet, the "usual suspects" have climbed up on their holier than thou horese
> and started with the usual ranting and raving about how bad it is that
> .NET is being evangelized and advocated here.
> Best I can tell, these folks know how to write, but just not how to read.
> -Scott
> "Dave O." <nobody(a)> wrote in message
> news:OIax6C2RKHA.5108(a)TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl...
>> "mayayana" <mayaXXyana(a)> wrote in message
>> news:O9TnCy1RKHA.764(a)TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl...
>>> What does all this mean? Is it some sort of
>>> .Net syndrome? Mad Net Disease? Or maybe .Net
>>> is like the Mormons: You have to go out and evangelize
>>> for a period of time?
>> You know what, I reckon that subconsciously they need to convince
>> themselves that .NET is worth the time and effort they've put into it.
>> They must realize that no amount of evangelizing is going to convince the
>> overwhelming majority of VB6 users to move to .NET, if these VB6 users
>> were going to jump that way we'd have done it ages ago. They must also
>> realize that one language is not intrinsically "better" than another,
>> it's "horses for courses", they might find .NET does what they need and
>> good luck to them if it's so. I just wish they would go away and leave
>> this NG alone.
>> Dave O.

From: Mike Williams on
"Scott M." <s-mar(a)nospam.nospam> wrote in message

> If that's what you need to feel good about yourself, sure.
> Now, you can go back to beating your wife and children.

.. . . and now the real Scotty appears! Troll.


From: Mike Williams on
"Scott M." <s-mar(a)nospam.nospam> wrote in message

> The first thing any classic VB developer should learn
> about VB .NET is that it isn't VB 6 . . .

That's what we've been telling you dotnet trolls for years, Scotty. Now be a
good troll and stop pestering us on the VB6 newsgroup with your evangelistic
dotnet drivel.


From: Mike Williams on
"Bill McCarthy" <bill(a)> wrote in message

> If it is superfluous, which it is . . .

And which you are, too.

Now be a good troll and go play somewhere else McCarthy. Perhaps you can bed
down with your new friend Scotty and have a little chuckle over your day's
trolling activities.


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