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Scrolling a picture box.
I am trying to scroll a picture larger than the screen. I have a form with a panel on it (240H). On this panel, I have a picture box that is larger than the panel (960H). I have a vertical scroll bar on the form next to the panel. Changing the scrollbar moves the picture box up and the panel defines the vie... 27 Jan 2006 10:12
Can any one give me an example for turning on and off WLAN on pocket pc? in particular, C# code would be most helpful. Thanks, Jorge ... 21 Dec 2005 13:36
ActiveSync_Remote_Display from Power Toys
Has anyone been able to use the 'ActiveSync_Remote_Display' (ASRDisp.exe) from Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys ( with the new version of ActiveSync 4.0 and A PPC with MS Mobile 5.0? When I run it I g... 13 Dec 2005 17:03
VS2005 .netCF2.0
Hello, couple of quick questions: is the date time picker available in VS2005 .netcf for vb? will I be able to make programs for ( and use the date time picker, if it comes with) WM2005 as well as WM2003, 2002, and 2000 using VS2005 standard edition?? Thanks in advance, +bb ... 12 Nov 2005 17:36
#NETCF_AGL_BASE Strangeness with Multiple Threads, Dwindling Memory
Can anyone explain to me what #NETCF_AGL_BASE windows are and when they are created? I have a very weird (and urgent) problem going on in my application and I'm running out of debugging ideas. My application spawns a number of threads on startup, each of them starts up various services. The strange thing is th... 10 Nov 2005 17:43
NETCFSetupv2.msi & ActiveSync 3.8
PI Got a QTEK S100 with Pocket pC 2003 Phone edition that is said to be supported for .NET CF 2.0. But the NETCFSetupv2.msi requires Activesync 4.0 that is only supported for Windows Mobile 5!!! Where can i find the cab file so I can install without Acticesync? ... 12 Nov 2005 14:57
"Resgen.exe" exited with code error appears
Hi, "Resgen.exe exited with code xxxxxxx" error appears on converting the CompactFramework1.1 application to CF 2.0 using the conversion wizard. I'm using C1FlexgridCF control in the application. Although i had changed the references after converting the sample and then re-compile the application but the erro... 15 Nov 2005 22:04
GPRS Signal Strength from .Net?
Hello, We're trying to retrieve GRPS signal strength on an XDA device (running PPC2003 phone edition). We started to look at the OpenNETCF.Net but that seems to return signal strength for RF cards only. So our research tells us we can use TAPI API's or use RIL. We've tried using TAPI but keep getting a 'N... 14 Feb 2005 19:30
DataGrid only displays header cells
Platform : WinCE 4.2, .NET CF C# I am trying to use a DataGrid control to display some data but only 2 cells (one over the other) in the top left corner of the control are displayed. The bottom cell has a small black triangle in it. I think they are header cells because I have set the HeaderBackColor property t... 14 Feb 2005 19:29
Scrolling the datagrid
I have a datagrid derived class where i want to scroll the horizontal scroll bar to the right. i tried the following code: HScrollBar sb = (HScrollBar)base.GetType().GetField("m_sbHorz", BindingFlags.NonPublic|BindingFlags.GetField|BindingFlags.Instance).GetValue(this); sb.Value=5; but i received a Nul... 14 Feb 2005 19:29
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