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Msgina postmessage problem
Hi everyone, I was working through the tutorial MSDN posted at for replacing the msgina.dll . I am trying to (like so many others) create an automatic logon (sadly, no, I cannot use the pgina out there as amazing as it is! And I don't have time to u... 11 Jul 2006 23:35
hi, I am amit. i am using PPC sprint pocket pc. i am using same code for getting ESN . But when i executing this code i got value result = -2147483576 for lineGetGeneralInfo Is there any problem in using dll or any other. ... 11 Jul 2006 08:48
Bindingsource Find method
Bindingsource.find(..) doesn't seem to work on a bindingsource with as datasource a sqlceresultset.resultview. As far as I can tell this is odd since the sqlceresultset.resultview does implement IBindingList. Or is this a limitation of the compactframework ? Mark. ... 23 Jun 2006 04:50
COMException "Class not registered"
Hi there, I'm working on the .NETCF 2.0 application for PocketPC and I have a third party ActiveX DLL (AXISMEDIACONTROL.dll) that I need to use on my form. I use AxImp.exe tool to generate C# source of the Interop library of the DLL. It creates a class that is derived from AxHost. Everything works just fine ... 19 Jun 2006 02:37
Detect SIM change!
Hi, there is an API function for detect a SIM change in a pocket pc? I need to retrieve operator name, number...ecc from a sim. Thanks in advance ... 12 May 2006 03:53
Visual Studio 2005 + Win CE .NET 4.2 = false?
Is it possible to develop Win CE .NET 4.2 applications using VS 2005? I found some information here ( saying it was planned but not supported at the time (April 2005) / Peter ... 9 May 2006 16:03
Mobile SQL 2005 and limiting data results
I have a table I am using as a QUEUE, some of the data in the table can be quite large and as such I'd like to pull back only one record at a time. I've tried Select top 1 * from Table and Set RowCount 1 Set RowCount 1; Set RowCount 1 GO Select * from Table None of which seems to work. Is there a way to ... 26 Apr 2006 18:48
Hi, On both a pocket pc and a smart phone, I am trying to retrieve the devices manufacture, model, revision, serial number, and subscriber id using lineGetGeneralInfo. The issue I am having is that lineGetGeneralInfo always returns a -2147483595 (LINEERR_INVALPOINTER). Below is the code and P/Invoke declar... 3 Mar 2006 14:59
ListView MouseDown Event
Hi, I am trying to add the following functionality: - I have a ListView with a few columns that is in Detail view with single row select enabled. I have added the ability for the user to tap on one of the rows in the ListView to open up a new Form containing the details of the item that was tapped. I al... 10 Feb 2006 12:06
Install .net Framework 2.0.50727
Hi everyone, I am actually using visual studio beta 2. I have installed the above subject in order to be able to install webdeployment project. After installation, I cannot quite really use visual studio anymore, it crashes. Whenever I open my project files, I got the send and don't send window. Can an... 3 Feb 2006 09:17
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