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Generator Hassles
The electrical service goes to the house. There are 3 underground 000 cables that go to the barn from the house. The barn has a 60 amp breaker in the breaker box at the house. The 12,000 watt generator is in the barn. It has a 50 amp 240vac outlet, a 30 amp 240vac outlet and several others. I am hooking th... 13 Aug 2010 14:41
How many usenet misfits have Aspergers?
What is your opinion on how many usenet misfits have Aspergers? Such info would be helpful for my final assessment. ... 8 Aug 2010 01:34
Cordless drill power supplying scooter motor?
Does this sound right? drill battery and controller no-load driving the drill motor lowest-speed 1 amp full throttle 2.8 amps driving the scooter motor lowest-speed 1.5 amp full throttle 10 amps What concern is there about the cordless drill speed controller (trigger stuff, PWM, whatever) overhe... 11 Aug 2010 19:09
Solar cheaper than nuclear
John Larkin <jjlarkin(a)> wrote: Dirk Bruere at NeoPax <dirk.bruere(a)> wrote: "Summary Solar photovoltaic system costs have fallen steadily for decades. They are projected to fall even farther over the next 10 years. Meanwhile, projected costs for constructi... 13 Aug 2010 19:04
Skype Messenging Question
I can copy text messages in Skype and paste into a text editor. But if I try to paste English text into the Skype text box, it shows like Chinese characters :-( Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks! ...Jim Thompson -- | James E.Thompson, CTO ... 8 Aug 2010 13:25
Battery buffer charging/maintenance
Hello, I seek advice on the following: We are designing a computer system based on a ETX computer and Windows Embedded. The power we get (15-30VDC) can disappear suddenly, so we thought about fitting our computer with a small 12V lead-battery and when input power is OK, we charge the battery, and when ma... 11 Aug 2010 21:23
Overloading an LM317
Hello, what happens when too much current is drawn from an LM317 configured for 3.3V output? Does the output voltage decrease? ... 10 Aug 2010 16:55
Nichia red leds
Whose die does Nichia use to make their red leds - is it Epistar? regards --- news:// - complaints: news(a) --- ... 7 Aug 2010 09:19
Tesla and wireless power
I was just musing the other night about Tesla's AC and how it revolutionized electric wiring, with the step-up transformers and all. Well, if you start with, say, 100V, you need to carry 1 amp to power a 100W light bulb. But if you step up the 100V to 1,000V, you only need wire that can carry 100mA. And if... 13 Aug 2010 14:41
36v power tool motor to replace scooter motor?
Does this sound right? motor shaft revolutions per scooter wheel revolution 8.15 wheel circumference 39.27" wheel movement per shaft revolution 4.82" motor shaft revolutions per minute (estimated) 3500 inches traveled per hour 1,011,900 inches in a mile 63360 miles per hour 15.97 I am pretty sure tha... 7 Aug 2010 19:05
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