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Single Cell To more cells
hi, some one can help me one more doubt in single cell much massage is there but i want to devide that massage in more cells like below. In Single Cell kum rakesh arun anand Gaurav I want change in more Cells like this A B C D E kum rakesh arun anand Gaurav is it Possible? ... 2 Mar 2010 09:00
Character Index
1) I would like to know as follows : - After I type 'a' in A1 colum 'b' in B1 colum 'c' in C1 colum I will drag left to right as much as I need. Then the result should be a b c d e f g h and so on. I tried this a b c letters in three ... 2 Mar 2010 09:00
insert nd delete row in protect sheet
hi, I wants 2 combo box button like insert nd delet row in protect sheet 2003. when user select any row nd press insert button row will automatically insert with formula and same as delete button. pls tell me what micro or code i m using. pls help me urgent. rks ... 2 Mar 2010 06:47
Result shows correct answer but cell shows 0
Hi everyone I have been using the following formula =SUMPRODUCT(($D$2:$D$576=T39)*($P$2:$P$576="Yes")) which has been working well on all other columns ie M instead of P however using P the result shows as 2 (when you step through it) which is correct but when you hit enter the cell goes back to 0 - very str... 2 Mar 2010 09:00
bullet formatting in a spreadsheet
I sure hope that someone can help me. I am new to excel and I need to learn about using bullets. I would like to know what bullet formatting does in a spreadsheet? I just can't see any advantage to using them. I am anxiously awaiting some excel smart person to hear my cry for help, thanking you in advance, Mark... 2 Mar 2010 01:21
The Comma button/icon
When using the comma button/icon, it also adds 2 decimal places. Is there a way to customise this button/icon... make it default not to include the decimal places? Thanks Ben ... 3 Mar 2010 19:48
Re-installed Office 2003 and the licensing agreement pops up each
I have "accepted" this agreement every time I open Excel. How do I make it disappear? ... 1 Mar 2010 19:53
week No to date
Hi I have some data with the date reprisented by a week No I want to make a date on the Monday of that week in a seperate colum any advise please ... 1 Mar 2010 23:11
My cursor always in selection mode,wat about other cursor option
My cursor in excel is in standard type ,when i place the cursor below the right side of the cell it doesn't its cursor option to (+) this symbol so i cant able to make a series via cursor mode ... 1 Mar 2010 21:00
How do I validate G5 If It contains a formula. The formula in G5 is =A1+A2+A3 it will return a value less then 1500. If it goes over how do I get the validation to work. Any help would be great. thanks ... 1 Mar 2010 14:09
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