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Puzzling attribute
Hi all, Does anyone know why the command ActiveWindow.DisplayWorkbookTabs = True or ActiveWindow.DisplayWorkbookTabs = False anywhere in an activeworkbook kicks off the prompt to save a hidden (and untouched) Personal.xlsb when Excel is closed? Kind regards, Bony -- "There are 10 types of people in this ... 22 Feb 2010 13:01
How do I process hours greater than 24
Doing a timesheet application, how to I add up the hours when they exceed 24 hours? The same issue would come up in a project management application when the project will exceed 24 hours. I need to have hours up to thousands. The applications need to keep fractional hours in minutes - hhhh:mm ... 22 Feb 2010 13:01
How retreive specific data from 1st Sheet and placing it on 2nd Sh
Looking to search a range of cells in Sheet1, find specific data and place it on Sheet2. Does anyone have a way of doing this. Range of cells in sheet one will be updated periodically and cell range will grow with it. -- tech1NJ ... 22 Feb 2010 11:52
How to print on odd and even number page wise Please clarify
Dear sir Please clarify the take Print in Excell sheet odd number and even page Regards M.Dhanasekar ... 22 Feb 2010 11:52
Dropdown list data validation - word wrap
I have a column of cells that contain part names and descriptions. The descriptions are multi-lined within the cell via line feeds of Alt+Enter. I would like to use this range as the source for a data list. However the drop down list generated shows each cell as a continous line. Eg, if I have a cell with ... 22 Feb 2010 10:45
I am trying to insert a 'hyperlink' into a spreadsheet. The URL I'm using is: and I would like Excel to add the contents of the cell to the URL. This is for tracking purposes in FedEx, and I would like to send our customer a spreadsheet wherein they could click on ... 22 Feb 2010 10:45
Average of a string containing multiple values
Hi, I am trying to calculate the average from a string that contains values. Example Cell A1 contains the string "10 20 30 40" I want a formula to calculate the Average of 25. The string can vary, such as "10 20 30" or "10 20" "1 2 3 4" or "1 2 3" or "1 2" The only constants are; - There will always... 24 Feb 2010 13:10
Delete rows with duplicated values
I am using excel 2002. I have a row of data, with some duplicated records. I want to be able to delete ALL duplicates. e.g. bob bob scott john would delete all record of bob leaving just the following: scott john How can I achieve this? Any help will be greatly apprenciated. Many thanks -- no... 22 Feb 2010 08:32
League Table
Hi! I am trying to create a league table suing quite a lot of data. Scenario: I have 20 shops who each use on average 25 intermediaries. I have obtained the montly sales revenue from each of the shops (so i have 20 separate spreadsheets) and would like to create a league table of the highest selling intermedi... 22 Feb 2010 09:38
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