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Shell command and File Not Found
Im using the following code to open a second access database: Dim stAppName As String Dim retVal As Integer stAppName = "msaccess.exe" & "C:\PlantManager\Plants.mdb" retVal = Shell(stAppName, 1) and access returns an error of File Not Found. I tried the following variation with the same res... 19 Feb 2007 14:40
Class returns 440 - automation error
Hello, I know this must be something simple I'm overlooking but I can't get err.raise inside a class to return anything but 440 - automation error. For example, if I create the following test class: Option Compare Database Option Explicit Private Sub Class_Initialize() On Error GoTo Errhandler ... 17 Feb 2007 21:08
Machine Data Source
When I am linking tables from an Oracle database to an Access database (ODBC Data Sources) which Oracle driver must I choose? I was informed to use "Oracle in OraClient10g_home"...and that I may need to press the "new" button to use this data source.... The only driver that allowed me to open another dailogue ... 5 Jan 2007 11:19
Access 2007: Showplan
The recent thread: A Basic Index Question prompted me to look at my ShowPlan.Out file. It seemed that the file was not updated by Access 2007/ACE. I experimented with Registry settings. This seemed to work. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Access Connectivity Engine\Engines\Debug] "JETSH... 29 Dec 2006 13:16
campo dependiente de otro en un formulario
Hola, necesito ayuda. Tengo un formulario en access 2003 y necesito hacer que al elegir en un combo la provincia me salga la lista de los municipios de esa provincia, los cuales tengo almacenados en una tabla. Consigo que lo haga si elijo la provincia, cierro el formulario y despues lo vuelvo a abrir, pero ne... 20 Nov 2006 11:20
Sorry...cannot find the DynaPDF.dll file
Am using StrStorage.dll & DynaPDF.dll (Lebans tools) for creating PDF's. At most sites, there are no glitches. However, I have a problem at one site. Just so happens its a site on which I mentioned in another thread that, in spite of my having installed a runtime application there, I'm apparently not operating... 18 Nov 2006 08:12
Why does fso.MoveFolder fail with "Permission denied"?
Why am I getting: "Error Number 70: Permission denied" when trying to move a folder with the Microsoft Scripting Runtime? Is there some security setting I don't know about? Platform: Windows XP SP2 / Access 2003 Private Sub MoveFolder(strDestination As String) 'required references: 'Microsoft Offi... 10 Jan 2006 18:11
dirDataCopy error message when converting to Access 2000
Hello, I created an Access database in Access 2002-2003 that I am trying to convert to Access 2000. During conversion, I get error "The report name ' dirDataCopy' you entered in either the property sheet or macro is misspelled or refers to a report that doesn't exit." I click 'ok', the word 'Converting' stays on... 3 Sep 2005 10:54
Concatenating text fields with a WHERE condition
I have a problem using Dev Ashish's excellent module to concatenate the results of a field from several records into one record. I am using the code to concatenate certain awards onto a certificate at the end of the year. I have the code working fine, except for the fact that when I want to restrict the entri... 17 Sep 2005 10:39
Can't open query in SQL View to correct query ("Join expression not supported")
I am using MS Access 2003, and I typed in a query in SQL view which was working fine. Now when I open it, it gives me the error "Join expression not supported". Apparently, Access "fixed" it for me. Unfortunately, I can't correct it because when I click "OK", the window disappears. I don't see any way to open th... 28 Jun 2005 16:03
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