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Do you use "Windows Washer" or some similar program?

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Robin Bignall wrote:

> Just another piece of data. I just logged on as "administrator" (with
> several screens full of these infection messages) to see if, when I
> rebooted, I might have some "administrator\cookies\index.dat"
> messages.
> When I rebooted back as myself all the infection messages had
> vanished. But this has happened before on reboot.

If you configue a Clean Boot, do you still get these messages?

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Robin Bignall wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Nov 2009 19:05:42 -0500, "Daave" <daave(a)> wrote:
>> Robin Bignall wrote:
>>> On Sun, 22 Nov 2009 11:36:50 -0500, "Daave" <daave(a)> wrote:
>>>> Robin Bignall wrote:
>>>>> XP Pro SP3
>>>>> During the past few weeks, immediately after the initial Windows
>>>>> screen with the blue bar running left right, and before the logon
>>>>> screen, I get a blue screen with white messages. There are dozens
>>>>> of them, all identical, which say something like:
>>>>> Infection: docs and settings my name cookies/index.dat does not
>>>>> exist and cannot be removed. (Pause is inoperative and the normal
>>>>> logon screen appears immediately after.)
>>>> It is very important that you post back with the exact, complete
>>>> message! It's hard to tell at this moment, but it's possible you
>>>> have a variation of what is described here:
>>>> Please post back with the complete message.
>>> Difficult. Pause/break stops the screen for a second and then it goes
>>> straight to the logon. I just rebooted and all those messages have
>>> vanished. None of the virus/malware programs finds anything.
>>> I'll post again if those messages reappear. There's nothing in the
>>> event log that looks suspicious.
>> In the menu you get after hitting F8, do you see an option called
>> "Disable automatic restart on system failure"? If so, choose it. Another
>> way to do this:
>> This way, you will be able to write down these messages.
> The message is:
> infection:documents and settings\robin bignall\cookies\index.dat could
> not be removed. file is no longer existent.

This thread is very long.. if you've tried the following, I missed it.

A couple of things I would try:

- Create a text file using Wordpad and name it "index.dat". Store it in
the Documents and Settings\Robin Bignall\Cookies\ folder and restart the

- Look in the BIOS for an a/v utility and disable it.

Joe =o)
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>Do you use "Windows Washer" or some similar program?
No, only what's in IE8 and CCleaner.
Herts, England