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>>>>> OK - I'm convinced at last. :)
>>>>> Mbam *is* a 100% safe application!
>>>>> **********************************
>>>>> See post number 3 - here:-
>>>>> es
>>>> Yay! Thank God... :)
>>> I wrote to Malwarebytes and apologised, btw.
>>> Whilst I can (and have) registered again under another name, I'd
>>> prefer to have my ban rescinded and revert to being BD.
>>> How would you feel about putting in a good word for me, Dustin?
>> Are you smoking crack or heavily drinking? You just told me you
>> forged yourself a new identity to evade the BAN previously placed on
>> you, and then you want me to put in a good word for you? Laughable,
>> frakking laughable. You lack honor and disipline.
> I'm thinking you're exaggerating quite alot, Dustin. Anyone can
> register under any name on any group. Dave just told you he
> re-registered. He didn't have to tell you or anyone and could be a
> member in good standing under any other username and no one would
> know... but he TOLD you.

I disagree, Jenn. Anyone can register with any name the person desires,
so long as the follow the forum rules. Having an ID banned and creating
anotherone does not follow the rules; and it can result in tresspass
complaints to his service provider. The fact he was banned negated his
privledges on that site. Accessing that site or any other is a privledge,
not a right and the site admins do have options.

Secondly, He didn't have to tell me anything about creating a new user
account. The site is routely checked to ensure security is being
maintained. His new account would have been flagged using any number of
criteria. I'm not going to get into specifics of how it works, but to
assume he or anyone else can create a new ID after losing another one; is
foolish and somewhat arrogant. Not to mention, highly incorrect. You do
not have anonymity on the internet, you have a false sense of it instead.

The fact he had to register under another name because the admins didn't
want him having an account there is actually a form of digital criminal

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>> | I genuinely felt (still feel) that the picture I posted was in no
>> | way pornographic and *was* meant simply in fun - *not* intended to
>> | be offensive.
>> Terms of Use:
>> "You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous,
>> hateful, threatening,
>> sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any
>> applicable laws. In addition
>> you will not engage in any sort of spamming, whether it is comment
>> spam (injecting a
>> comment into a thread for the purpose of placing a link back to a
>> website offering the
>> same services offered here; or services totally unrelated to this
>> website), the use of
>> signature links deemed to be for the sole purpose of increasing web
>> traffic to a site of
>> interest by the member, or any combination of those two examples.
>> This includes the
>> Personal Message feature."
> so whats your point? The image is not any of that.

The image is a front nudie view of a woman. This could fall under obsene
and sexually-oriented. More importantly, the forum posts are at
moderators discretion. Obviously, they found it offensive and eventually
did terminate his account.

The fact he has now gone and created another account; which he did get

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FYI - Malwarebytes is much sharper than Annexcafe - they *have*
identified me and blocked my registration under my 'new' posting name ..

I believe, Jenn, creating another account to evade a BAN set by an
administrator is also against the terms of service.

"Hrrngh! Someday I'm going to hurl this...hrrngh.. nudge
this boulder right down a cliff." - Goblin Warrior

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Dustin Cook wrote:
> because the admins didn't
> want him having an account there

Dustin - it's comments like that which *feed* my curiosity! :)

Just *why* don't the 'admins' want me having an account there?

I'd been there a long time and caused no trouble at all. I couldn't
really care less whether or not I'm officially allowed to participate;
if I wish to do I don't believe they'd be able to identify me.

That's by the bye, the more interesting thing is the upset my comment
seems to have had. If everything was kosher not an eyebrow would have
been raised I'm sure.

I remember Giant being bought by Microsoft

There was no Malwarebytes back then.

Out of nowhere they came, as if by magic! :)

There is *still* no snail-mail postal address or contact telephone
number (that I can find) - essential attributes, I've been advised, if a
business seeks total acceptance.

I have read all about the partnership with Sunbelt btw.


Another item which attracted my interest some long time ago was the
purchase procedure:

"This order process is conducted by our online reseller cleverbridge AG.
Payment processing and order fulfillment are done by cleverbridge AG,
Brabanter Str. 2-4, 50674 Cologne, Germany."

Why? Because they are charging VAT at 19% instead of the 17.5%
applicable in the UK.

Tell me why they chose to use a German operation when currently based in
San Jose, CA., and when Malwarebytes is an Illinois corporation.

OK - it's an Internet company. I know! Forget that. ;-)

Dave - I *am* aware of what info I give away:
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Stop Cross Posting you BD lapdog.

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Maybe I will act like a grown up soon.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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Jenn wrote:
>snip snip snip
> Does your momma really let you stay up this late?

Your momma jokes? I give up. You win.