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Simple C question from a newbie. - Getting ascii value of a keypress.
Hi all. I hope there's a few here still? These newsgroups are bleeding away. I'm trying to use online tutorials to teach myself C. (I'm starting with the basics before eventually trying for Objective C.) I have Code::Blocks compiler installed on my XP machine and I'm trying to create a few functions ATM. On... 23 May 2010 13:32
Oh, wow! Alf is blogging! About programming!
(previously posted to comp.lang.c++, sorry that I forgot to crosspost here!) Who said that old hounds can't acquire new ticks? Yep, I'm /blogging/. Or at least making a start on that. Whether I'll continue. Well, time will tell. <url:> :-) Cheers, - Alf ... 7 May 2010 00:13
iterate trough vector of map
Hi, i try to iterate trough a 'vector of map'. The vector<map<string,string> > c; is correctly filled with data. cout << c[0]["RDB$RELATION_NAME"] << endl; works fine but: for (vector<map<string,string> >::const_iterator it = c.begin() ; it != c.end(); ++it) { cout << *it["RDB$RELATION_NAME"] << e... 29 Apr 2010 13:30
Overloaded operators, possibly silly question.
I'm at the design stage of a package which will perform some operations on data objects of variable size, and converting myself to C++ after years of writing C. I can create a class to represent the objects I'm dealing with. The normal arithmetic operators are meaningful for these objects, so I plan to over... 29 Apr 2010 13:30
redirect std::cout
Hi, is it possible to redirect std::cout (or other streams) to a other target? For example to a TMemo-Field (Borland C++Builder 2009) so that std::cout << "hello world" << endl; goes to this memo-field? ... 8 May 2010 13:23
Questions from a newbie
How do I become good at programming? What C/C++ books would you recommend? For starters, I'm looking for information on the programming process. I want to know how to plan and design a program. So far, when I write a very small program I just hop on my computer and start typing. I know that's not how it's do... 27 Apr 2010 16:45
Learning try throw catch.
I have read some on exception handling but I never really understood it or how to use it. Now I am running into problems using an array. I have tracked my bugs to this line. I want to see what the problem is. Is this correct? if((num > 255) || (num < 0)){ return; } try{ bits[num] = col; <--... 7 Apr 2010 04:34
Outlandish Particle Periodic Table update IX
Hi there, Salient features:- Cern list of 900 experimental particle results in MeV, double precision and mathematical (Fortran 77) The list alone is not available anywhere-else, as a single list. Not definitive. 42 year scientific project, by ex-Mensa member. (They stopped concessionary subscriptions) 10 year a... 30 Mar 2010 13:50
An Algorithm Intensive Programming Contest - Manthan @ Codefest - IT-BHU
Hello, With immense pleasure we, on behalf of Department of Computer Engineering, IT-BHU, would like to invite you to participate in one of the biggest online coding festival of India, Codefest which is being organized by our department for the very first time, from 25th January to 31st March, 2010. ... 26 Mar 2010 14:17
Scope error
I am working my way through 'Accelerated C++" and have come upon a compiler error. The code is cut'n'pasted from downloaded source from the Accelerated C++ website. The compiler gives this error "error:'max' not declared in this scope" (see <<< ERROR below). The program is contained in Section 4.5, pp70-71. As I... 26 Mar 2010 17:51
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