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International Journal of Electronics, Information and Systems (IJEIS) Call for Paper
International Journal of Electronics, Information and Systems (IJEIS) Call for Paper The International Journal of Electronics, Information and Systems (IJEIS) publish original papers on all subjects relevant to electronics, computer science, communication network, and information systems. The highest priority will... 9 Feb 2010 23:00
Rs 20,000 INR at stake in CodeWarrior
CodeFest & IEEE present to you CodeWarrior - Either Win or Die Coding! It is a completely Online event with two cumulative rounds, testing all aspects of your computer knowledge, be it programming, logical reasoning, debugging or algorithm design. There are prizes worth 20,000 INR & Codechef T-Shirts for the winn... 2 Feb 2010 21:54
Acceleraed c++ page 107
Hello All I have been working my way through Accelerated c++ and have so far found it enjoyable interesting. I have currently just finished reading chapter 6 and there is one part I just can't get my head around. It's on page 107, last example. This Lines: return !(isalnum(c)|| find(url_ch.begin(), url... 2 Feb 2010 14:22
Can Someone please help me with my Computer stuff? 50194
I use the computer and the Net on a regular basis but I don't know a whole lot about it all, especially when it gets technical. I have an Acer Aspire AM5100-U5300A. I would like to speed this computer up, I would like a very good grasphics card without spending a fortune. Once I find out what I need I willo just go t... 27 Jan 2010 19:25
Looking for a simple/easy tokenizer
The one facility I miss from Perl is 'split()'. What should I use to implement it in C++? My choices would be: - string operations such as .find() and .substr() and from there RYO. - something based on Boost::regex I need to break down a file path into its constituent subdirectories, and similar opera... 11 Feb 2010 22:56
Few Questions
I have a few questions : a. "It is guaranteed that any functions whose body is written in the interface is inline." Seriously? b. This is the constructor definition; the implementation seems irrelevant. BitArray(int size = 320); BitArray B(50); // call size with size 50 BitArray A; //call size with size 32... 18 Feb 2010 19:34
Possible to code using voice recognition software?
Can I use Dragon Dictate software to make code using voice commands? ... 21 Jan 2010 08:53
STL for a C programmer
Hello, For coding contests I only have a solid knowledge of C. When problems get hard, I won't have time to code up my own Andersson tree but will have to use a binary search tree in the STL. Is there a good tutorial on C++ you would recommend, covering especially the STL, on the internet for C programmers?... 24 Jan 2010 00:19
VC2008 safety checks makes program stop in _DEBUG mode
This works fine with VC5. The cast allows me to concentrate on my algorithm and not having to worry about if the array contains real data or just pointers to it. But when compiling with VC2008, I get 3 warnings: (30) : warning C4700: uninitialized local variable 'i_ref' used (35) : warning C4700: uninitializ... 6 Jan 2010 08:21
Is it possible that compilers or projects have bugs?
I cut and pasted a simple text file from one program to another. But when I use the code in a different project it doesn't work. The program just quits or something when it comes to the code. I am not getting a crash or an error message and the code is the same as I had used before: #include<iostream> #inclu... 2 Jan 2010 23:44
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