From: Mayayana on
| I thought PowerShell was their new 'power tool' de jour...
| (Installed on Win7, probably downloads for earlier versions)

Actually, after some searching I found that there
is one PowerShell forum, but not under scripting.

I've found it difficult to even research what forums
exist. Searches turn up all sorts of URLs:


And to a great extent the group listings are not even
in alphabetical order.

The URL for scripting is here:

That leads to the "Scripting Guys", a gimmick
which is a sub-site that deals in various
scripting tools. The only other option under Scripting
is something about a scripting contest. (?)

Here are at least 3 forum master lists:

There's some mention of "jscript", in terms
of .Net and web scripting. There's also one
group for IE "web development" that seems
to be getting every kind of IE question. And the
last list has a PowerShell forum.

From: -mhd on
Karl E. Peterson <karl(a)> wrote:

>Something I wonder how or if to consider is what part of the bigger
>picture are we? The folks over in the FrontPage group are feeling a
>lot like we are - orphaned and cast totally adrift. Even VirtualPC
>doesn't have its own forum under the new setup, and all VBA questions
>are directed to a single forum (if you can even imagine!).

Same over at the TAPI group.

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