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> Karl E. Peterson wrote:
>> Ulrich Korndoerfer wrote:
>>> Following a cite of one of his posts regarding how he will proceed in
>>> the case of the MS shutdown:
>> Heckuva find! Gotta share this, and see what floats up...
> Indeed...most interesting in particular is the unofficial nature of the
> proposer of doing this.
> Most significant imo is response of Tim Skirvan noting the Big-8 could
> likely fast-track group creation in comp.*
> --

Yepp, this part.

Come on over to news.groups.proposals; I suspect we could
fast-track a bunch of comp.* groups.


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Karl E. Peterson schrieb:

> ...
>>> On another point (raised to all here!), is vbclassic or classicvb
>>> actually better known (outside the beltway, so to speak) than
>>> simply tagging it VB6 and letting that imply 32-bit versions?
>>> I really dunno.
>> I'd prefer vbclassic or vb6 - but could live as well with
>> classicvb - IMO all these terms are not that different in
>> their "recognizing-appearance".
>> The terms with the two leading 'vb' chars could ensure
>> in (some) NewsClients an easier recognition whilst using
>> the filter-function on "available ServerGroups".
> Yeah, I suppose. I tend to simply search available groups for "vb", but
> being able to search for ".vb" would potentially reduce some confusion,
> I suppose?
> And using VB6 would be pretty damned unambiguous. I have no idea if
> hyphens are allowed (VB4-6 or VB5-6), but I'm pretty sure slashes aren't
> (as someone else suggested with VB5/6.)

-- lowercase letters (a to z)
-- digits (0 to 9)
-- the plus sign: +
-- the minus sign: -

Ulrich Korndoerfer

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From: Ulrich Korndoerfer on

Also notable this passus on syntax, semantics and taxonomy of a Big8 name:

Paragraph "Syntax, Semantics, and Taxonomy"

Ulrich Korndoerfer

VB tips, helpers, solutions ->
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"Karl E. Peterson" <karl(a)> wrote in message news:eRWAqKT8KHA.5412(a)TK2MSFTNGP06.phx.gbl...
: Well yeah, this guy I know is on the management board of the Big 8.



Too bad you don't know a publisher. <g>
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"Ulrich Korndoerfer" <ulrich_wants_nospam(a)> wrote in message news:O2IwXaT8KHA.3840(a)TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl...
: For non-americans: Coca-Cola had some issues (read: it did not sell)
: after they introduced a new kind of coke (AFAIR it was sweeter, because
: Pepsi's was sweeter), and soon reverted to the so advertised "original
: formula" version" :-)

Allow me to clarify that, having sorely lived through it...and having a dear friend who worked at one of the Baltimore bottling plants.

"New Coke" was Coke's move to conr syrup/frutcose and away from pure sugar as a cost cutting measure. It bombed (imo it didn't taste all that bad, but it was no original coke). Then came Coke Classic which was not sugar based, but rather a rehashing of the frutcose forumla to tast more like the original coke. It was close, but not quite the same.

That was what they tried to do when the copied Pepsi. Pepsi has changed thier forumla multiple times since pure sugar, although in little barely noticable increments, plus they don't advertise no one notices.

Then last year Pepsi did their Throwback campaign. Pepsi with real sugar (and nothing tasted sweeter). Coke, every Easter releases in limited supply "Passover Coke" or Kosher coke with real sugar since the jews consider corn syrup not kosher. That was the real "classic" coke. I've heard one can get Mexican coke, which is real sugar. But I wouldn't ever drink the water there for obvious reasons, so take that as you will. Plus, mexico sucks.

Interesting side story, recently I was talking to a coke distributor at my supermarket and asked why Coke didn't do a version of "throwback" since it's really popular among the pepsi drinkers. The guy scoffed at me and said something along the lines of Coke would never degrade themselves with stupid advertising campaigns (he must have been a Gen Y'er, not knowing about the Coke classic fiasco). I gave him a smirk and looked down at the empty pepsi section where the throwback stock was empty, while coke's section was barely touched. Scoffing in return, I nodded at the shelf differences and left him with a "whatev".
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