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>>>> I bought two Microsoft Trackball Explorers when they were still on the
>>>> shelves at Fry's. One of them failed, and when I went to look for
>>>> another (two computers at the time) there was one left. When another
>>>> failed, there were none. I looked on the Internet and found some for a
>>>> very good price, and bought a case of five. I've had two fail since
>>>> then, the last very recently. I looked them up again, and found that
>>>> even inoperative ones are valuable, there is at least one specialist
>>>> who buys and refurbishes them, and used-but-operable ones go for
>>>> anything from ninety to two hundred dollars. Sealed new ones were
>>>> listed on Amazon at five hundred ninety-nine dollars. Just four
>>>> ninety-nine, today. Serendipity.
> <edited>
>>> I have two Microsoft Trackballs which I use with my Macs. Both
>>> developed cracks in the plastic below the "ball" orbit liner, which
>>> remains intact. They still function well, but I could not find a
>>> replacement. The closest I could find was a Logitech TrackMan Wheel <
>>> >,
>>> which works fine, but is two preset buttons short of the Microsoft
>>> version.
>>> So I have three similar trackball devices which I am quite comfortable
>>> with.
>> BTW; I see Amazon has the Microsoft Trackball Explorer listed new (2 of
>> them) for $478 & 6 used starting at $149. The Trackball Optical, which
>> is what I am using, new at $424 used starting at $125.
>> I should have bought a case of them when the sold for next to nothing.
> What's so great about these "Microsoft Trackball Explorer" gadgets,
> anyway? The prices they're commanding are incomprehensible!

I agree those prices are incomprehensible. There is nothing great about
them at those prices.
Before MS discontinued them, they were one of the most comfortable,
non-fatiguing, and accurate input devices available, and their demise
is sad. I certainly would not buy one at those prices.
I have two which I have had for about 8 years now. I also bought one of
the very affordable ($30) Logitech Trackman Wheels, which is fine, but
lacks a few of the features of the MS Trackball.