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On 30 apr, 05:28, rfisc...(a) (Ray Fischer) wrote:
>[.. babbling ..]

You are a nazi cockroach that belongs in jail along with all the rest
of the nazi scum that fail to respect human rights.
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On 30 apr, 05:43, Savageduck <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:
> On 2010-04-29 20:27:43 -0700, rfisc...(a) (Ray Fischer) said:
> > Savageduck  <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:
> >> rfisc...(a) (Ray Fischer) said:
> >>> sobriquet  <dohduh...(a)> wrote:
> >>>> You are a nazi cockroach that belongs in jail along with all the rest
> >>>> of the nazi scum that fail to respect human rights.
> >>> So you want to steal from people, you want to throw people into
> >>> prison, you reject people's rights, and you think that _other_ people
> >>> are the nazis.
> >>> Lunatic.
> >> Ray,
> >> Get a load of "sobriquet", or as he is known in his basement, Nick Sprakel.
> >> <>
> >> <>
> > Tsk.  Now that wasn't nice, having me look at that ugly crook.
> Well, the interesting thing is, there doesnt seem to be a lot of change
> in the 6 years between snaps.
> >> He does seem to have a fondness for psychedelics. That might be the
> >> reason for his distorted reality..
> > Criminals like him are always blaming others.
> ...and the real irony regarding his name calling, is the
> "swastika/star" of David combo on the wall in the second shot.
> --
> Regards,
> Savageduck

Don't you nazi cockroaches have a public library to burn down or
something, to prevent
people from stealing information?
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"Allen" <allent(a)> wrote in message
> whisky-dave wrote:
> <snip>
> Whisky-dave (and others), arguing with an idiot eventually makes you look
> like an idiot in the view of others. The best thing to do with creeps like
> sobriquet is to put them in your killfile and forget about them.
> Allen

I don;t have kill files, have no use for them.
I prefer to be able to see posts and judge then for myself rather than a
piece of software tell me whether I should see a post based on the subject
title, author or colour of the persons socks.
If he's an idiod then I should easily out think him.
If not then maybe he is right and everything should be free.

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"sobriquet" <dohduhdah(a)> wrote in message
> On 29 apr, 14:07, "whisky-dave" <whisky-d...(a)final.front.ear> wrote:
>> "sobriquet" <dohduh...(a)> wrote in message

>> You've heard of online banking and paypal haven;t you, amonst others.
> When I take up money from my paypal account (by transferring it to my
> bank account)
> this money comes out the ATM in the form of banknotes, not bit-
> strings.

You realyl haven't a clue have you.
How to you think the device that spits out teh case communicats
with yuor bank via the keyboard and yuor card using bit-strings to see if
have enough money in your account.

From: R Davis on
On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 17:04:13 +0100, "whisky-dave"
<whisky-dave(a)final.front.ear> wrote:

>They have a certain amount of power but perhaps not as much as you think.
>How did they make you buy a computer with windows installed.
>There's they don;t come with windows installed.
>Microsoft is also the most pirated software, if they were as powerful
>as you suggest then all those users illegally using their products
>could be arrest and perhaps even shot if they are as powerful as you think.

Because Bill still has his own theft hanging over his head. He stole
software and made his fortunes on it. He also knows that whatever software
is distributed, by any means, becomes the most popular. And therefore those
fools that are willing to hand over their money for it will make the "said
owner" of that software the most money.

I've run across lots of really good shareware in the past. I didn't see it
being pirated back then. I also don't see the authors of those programs
anymore, nor their programs. A shame. One astronomy logging program in
particular was phenomenal, but it didn't get the exposure it needed through
piracy. The author tried an anti-piracy measure that required updating the
registration at least once a year. Too much hassle, for pirate or buyer.
That software is gone now, long gone. As is the author. Their software
died, as did their dreams to make it rich. If it had been pirated and had
less security measures it would have gotten a lot of exposure and support.

"If it ain't worth stealing, it sure as hell ain't worth buying."

Those software authors that fight piracy are shooting themselves in their
own heads and feet.

You really don't know how this all works, do you.

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