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When recording
I open or "add" a new workbook. It records fine, but the call to "book7" is hard coded, and in the future, the code will not be seeing "book7", so how do I call the newly created workbook by other than its creation name? (I suppose I could simply name it). ... 1 May 2010 14:19
need to sort 2 column "" as a dictionary ""
Hello all I need to make sort of pages to be like a dictionary is that possible I put a test file on the next link I need to sort the 2 yellow column ,to be alphapetic page by page appreciate for help me Thanks Mahmoud ... 1 May 2010 10:57
Help with Regexp, please
Hi, The regular expression (\d{15,16}) matches a substring in a cell. I want to extract the remaining part of the cell ie. from the character after the matched substring till the end of the string in the cell using a regular expression. Is it possible to do this? Thanks in advance for the help. Regards, ... 2 May 2010 12:03
Ratio ??.
Y/N know is there a way to ratio rows or columns. What is this way? My unsuccessful attempts at circular referencing to 3 cells & down the 3 columns were not achievable. Goal/Example. What I attempting is to have a ladder against a wall the dimensions of the height and distance from the wall will always b... 1 May 2010 08:43
Freeze the Title in Excel
Dear All, I want to Freeze the Title in my columns. Could you please tell me how I can ? Khan ... 1 May 2010 08:43
Two codes in one set.
I have these two codes (below) in two seperate workbooks. Is it possible to combine these two codes in one set of code in a single workbook, since someone told me that I cannot have two Workbook_Open events in one workbook. Just to tell you that I am a very beginner in programming. Code 1: In ThisWorkbook: ... 1 May 2010 13:12
Column Width
Hi Guys !! I want to learn auto column width VBA application. When I enter data in the column, column width should adjust according to size of DATA. Can somebody help ! I will appreciate your efforts. Thanks in advance. ... 2 May 2010 04:28
not enough resources
I have code that does the following: Refreshes 730 X 26 cells from an external data source for the first item in a list Copies the refreshed cells to a new workbook removes rows for items that have no data for the item. do while <> end of list Refreshes the cells for the next item on the list. 730 X26 co... 1 May 2010 06:34
How to look up each Excel workbook raw in another.
Hi, I'm wondering which platform or programming method is suitable for my usage, Excel VBA, Access VBA or SQL query, even Sharepoint Server feature? I have to look up each agent record of Excel workbook A in workbook B for the corresponding customer detail. Below is the column lists of workbook A and B. The ... 30 Apr 2010 22:59
How to close file and hibernate?
I would like to close existing file and go hibernate, but once this file is closed, the command hibernate cannot be run. On the other way, I run the hibernate, which work, but the file cannot be closed. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to close file and hibernate XP? My PC is XP with SP3 and using office ... 1 May 2010 07:38
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