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Error message on opening Excel after deleting add-in file
I have two add-in files (AddinA.xlam & AddinB.xlam). I decided to consolidate them into one file with several different modules. So, I moved all of the modules in AddinB to AddinA and deleted AddinB.xlam. Now, every time I open Excel, even with a new workbook, I get this error message: 'C:\Documents and Set... 1 May 2010 14:19
message "fixed objects will move" HELP!
Dear experts, after spending 3 weeks working on macros for a long workbook I had finally reached what I wanted. i have just realized now that, when autofiltering on one worksheet, I am getting now the warning "fixed objects will move" which I have to click on hundreds of times to get rid of! Odd enough not to a... 30 Apr 2010 18:34
Shape.OnAction stops working after workbook closed and re-opened
I have created a set of icons which are made up of 3-4 individual shape objects grouped together. One of those objects needs to respond to a mouse click which I achieve using the OnAction setting, ie. shp.GroupItems(shp.Name).OnAction = "ShapeClick" where the shape and the group have the same name. Connector li... 30 Apr 2010 11:44
date of JPG photo file which is taken
You can use the Input Textstream functions in Exel VBA to read the data in JPG files and pick out the Picture Taken Date. I have created an excel workbook with this <a href="">function</a>. You can copy the code from there if you wish. It seems that there are some ... 30 Apr 2010 11:44
DO Until Loop
I am trying to get around a circular reference on a worksheet by using a Loop. I need to loop until 2 cells equal each other. However one cell is based on the other hence the circular reference. My thought was that I would just start with 1 increase the cell value by .01 let the workbook calc see if they are equal... 30 Apr 2010 14:00
Lookup based on reference
The other day, I used this formula to lookup table data based on the row and column such as: =INDEX($R$3:$AA$41,MATCH(FLOOR($S$1,0.1),$Q$3:$Q$41,1),MATCH(FLOOR($S$1-FLOOR($S$1,0.1),0.01),$R$2:$AA$2,0)) So that If I had the number 2.22, it will return for me .15 from the table lookup table (made up values) ... 1 May 2010 09:49
Macro Help
Hi All, I have calling some macro like this Call Duplicate_Delete The Macro "Duplicate_Delete" deletes the col A's duplicate data using Countif function. Once this done again my main macro does some activity Again i need to run the Duplicate_Delete macro for the Col H. but previous i coded as Applic... 30 Apr 2010 12:51
Use UDF In Conditional Formatting
Any guidance as to how to have a UDF in an addin be declared/registered etc. so as to be used like all other usual/normal functions? like be autocompleted upon partial entry, arguments be displayed in the supertip and be capable to be used in the Conditional Formatting and other features? -- Thanx in advance... 30 Apr 2010 09:29
Getting Data Validation to execute when using Paste Special...
Javed - can you tell me where exactly in my code I should insert: Target.PasteSpecial paste:=xlpastevalues Target.PasteSpecial paste:=xlpastevalidation What lines in my code, if any, should I delete/replace? Thanks, Bob Z. "Javed" wrote: On Apr 30, 10:28 am, Neptune Dinosaur <wor...(a) 30 Apr 2010 08:23
Create CSV
Thanks Jacob Skaria the paste values is working now I was hoping this would fix another issue I am having but it didn't. Once I copy to sheet2 I want to save that sheet as a csv. The code creates an archive copy (with timestamp suffix) and also a working copy (without time stamp) that is uploaded via FTP. This... 30 Apr 2010 14:00
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